Picture the Ocean


*JUNE 13th, THURS ~ PICTURE THE OCEAN ~ http://picturetheocean.com/

Picture the Ocean….. They used to call themselves Jesse Dee & Jacquie B but have added a third member and renamed themselves Picture the Ocean.  As the former band, they put out an excellent album titled Our Ghosts Will Fill These Walls which impressed the hell out of me.  They continue to do so with Picture the Ocean.  Very Americana (Canadiana, I guess) before and now, but they rock a bit more on the ocean, especially on the songs which use organ.  You want roots?  They got ‘em and they use them incredibly well.  Jesse is a killer songwriter and the voices bounce off of one another rather than blend.  It is a magic combination.  Hear tracks from Our Ghosts here and tracks from Picture the Ocean there.  And I mean go listen.  This may be the most overlooked band inside Canada’s borders! 

more info at http://www.lorenzoscafe.com/events.html

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