MTV Star Tom Green Heads to Kelowna On Stand-Up Comedy World Tour

“I haven’t had chemistry like that with another performer sinceā€¦
the other one was Howard Stern” –Andrew Dice Clay

In just two years, he launched his own show on a major American network, married and divorced a Hollywood star, and was diagnosed with cancer.

Now Tom Green, the man who convinced The Comedy Network and MTV to buy a public access television show filmed in his parent’s garage, takes the stage as a contemplative comic with a signature taste for the absurd.

“Discomfort is a release. It leads to laughter,” says Green, who was filming an award-winning online talk show, Tom Green’s House Tonight, until 2011 and is touring the globe doing stand-up comedy.

Rapped about by Eminem, and briefly married to actress Drew Barrymore, Green’s screen credits include films like Road Trip, Freddy Got Fingered, Stealing Harvard and Charlie’s Angels, but it was his wacky show on MTV that built his cult following.

The Tom Green Show aired on the network from 1999 to 2000, when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He allowed MTV to follow his medical journey for a critically acclaimed television special, drawing much-needed attention to the disease.

Two years later, with his cancer in remission, a gig on The Tonight Show with David Letterman netted him a second chance with a late-night version of his show, The New Tom Green Show, that lead to a career interviewing celebrities and offering up comedy, prominently to online audiences.

Accolades and credits aside, Green is known for his own particular brand of situational comedy that finds unsuspecting co-stars and the kind of squirmy scenes audiences cannot help but watch. With the camera set aside, his stand-up routine showcases the painstaking timing and uncomfortable hilarity that put him centre stage on television.

KeyNote Productions presents Tom Green at the Kelowna Community Theatre Thursday, March 7, 2013. Tickets on sale NOW through


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