Things I Bumped Into In The Dark

The Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to present Things I Bumped Into in The Dark – an exhibition of explorations in contemporary art, from January 9th – February 8th, 2013. Things I Bumped into in the Dark offers work from Okanagan based contemporary artists alongside work of artists from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Newfoundland.

The crafting of this exhibition, which includes everything from painting and drawing to installation and photo based work, began with curator Katie Brennan asking herself ‘what does my curatorial practice look like?’. Curation, the selection of what is or is not shown in a gallery, and the personal voice of its curators, when delivered right, takes the work in an exhibition and composes in such a way that emphasizes and activates particular aspects of each piece of art.

While the selection of work is fairly diverse, there is a thread that runs throughout . “All of these artists are interested and engaged in artistic practices that allow room for surprises, personal growth and discovery”, says Brennan.

From the photo/painting work of Emily Geen, to the highly graphic paper work of Kevin Spetifore, to the sketching practice through to finished painting of David Alexander, to the fantastical blanket fort installation of Julia Prudhomme, the large scale atmospheric painting of River Lewis and the ceremonial, sculptural masks of Carolina Sanchez de Bustamante, this exhibition highlights an engagement with contemporary art and contemporary art issues, such as personal experience, memory, play, research, landscape, artistic traditions and abstraction, that Okanagan-based artists have.

Alongside these talented local artists, the Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to also be showing the abstract paintings of Montreal-based artist Lesley Anderson, the mixed media, painterly collages of Newfoundland-based artist Danny Woodrow, photo vignettes based on walks taken in Nelson BC, by Toronto-based artist Sandra Rechico and the site specific, photo-based work of Vancouver-based artist Joey Dubuc and Vancouver / Kelowna-based artist Kristoff Steinruck.

Things I Bumped Into in the Dark – an exhibition of explorations in contemporary art opens on Wednesday January 9th from 6 – 8pm. Many of these artists will be in attendance for the opening. On Saturday January 12th, River Lewis, Kevin Spetifore and Julia Prudhomme will be on hand for artist talks and a discussion about the challenges of maintaining a contemporary art practice in the Okanagan. On Wednesday, January 23rd at 7pm, two practicing artists and students of UBC Okanagan, Kelsie Balehowsky and Lucas Glenn, will lead a discussion about medium. The discussion will focus on the relevance of medium/discipline-based evaluation of art in art education, the market, and the art world. Artists and observers alike are invited to participate in the conversation. And on Saturday February 2nd, UBC Okanagan Art History student Laura Wylie will present a talk on the art historical and contemporary connections that the work of the artists in The Things I Bumped Into in the Dark touch on, embrace and work in opposition to. All events and openings are free and open to the public.

Public Programming Events:


Wednesday, January 9th – 6 – 8pm

Artist Talk & Discussion: With River Lewis, Julia Prudhumme & Kevin Spetifore
Saturday, January 12th – 3pm

Art Historical & Contemporary Connections Talk with Laura Wylie
Saturday, February 2nd – 3pm

Paint, Photo, Sculpture – A Discourse in Medium – A Round-table Discussion

Facilitated by Kelsie Balehowsky and Lucas Glenn
Wednesday, January 23rd – 7pm


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