Christian Concerts in Kelowna

Do you ever wonder what it takes to produce a show? Are you ever curious why we seem to have very few concerts coming to Prospera Place compared to a few years ago? As someone passionate about building our local music/event scene in Kelowna I find myself more and more focused on knowing who is producing shows and what they are bringing to town. It’s those folks willing to take the risk to produce events that allows Kelowna to see some great shows.

Last year a new production company, KeyNote Productions, started producing a significant amount of shows in Kelowna. If you went to see Bob Saget, Carly Rae Jepsen, Hanson, or Jars of Clay last year you were at a show that Dale Allen Berg brought to town. It seems that 2012 was just the beginning for this new company as they have a ton of shows coming up in the next few months including: Phil Wickam, Peter Furler with Phil Joel and band (lead singer from the newsboys), Sarah Slean, and Shawn Desman to name a few.

The first two shows he is producing in 2013 are Christian shows.

Phil Wickham songs can be heard throughout the churches in our community every Sunday morning. He is hosting a “LIVE worship event” at Evangel Church on Jan 17th.

Then later in January Peter Furler with band (lead singer from the newsboys) arrives in Kelowna on Jan 26th hosted at the Kelowna Community Theatre.

For more information on these shows, to buy tickets, or to see which other shows Dale is bringing to town go to

So how do we get more shows in Prospera Place? I’m honestly not sure but its going to take folks like Dale in town building their capacity, confidence, and industry connections before he’ll make that jump.

If you’re an event producer in town please feel free to contact me about your event: this column is all about “What’s on?” in our community. As a fellow event producer I know how hard it is to fill any venue in Kelowna and if I can feature your event in my
column or TV show I would love to help you spread the word and build our community’s cultural capacity. The more successful event producers in town the more vibrant our community becomes.

Bonus: Here is a video released by Festivals Kelowna (my day job) highlighting the New York New Year’s event:


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