Kelowna, BC – It’s been four years since former band leader Peter Furler decided to break away from the hit Christian band newsboys in order to pursue a solo career. Having a sense that there was a new road for him and his wife, Summer, in 2009, Furler stepped away from his 24-year career with the newsboys without an ounce of anxiety or regret and began the process of simplifying his life.

According to Furler, the decision to go solo was a two-year process, “We’d been living in an RV, traveling to all the newsboys’ dates, 110,000 miles all across North America,” Peter explains. “It was a pilgrimage for us, the process of simplifying our lives, and it was the best two years of our lives so far, really… We had a lot of time to talk, to assess where we were in life. In all that, I felt God telling me to let the ground rest, let the creative process and the music rest… I‘ll give you something better.”

Selling most of their possessions and moving down to Florida, Summer and Furler began a new life which in turn awakened a new approach to music. “It’s been really good and it’s been a sense of starting again, […] it’s really been good, and living life with no regrets. I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Furler stated in a recent interview. It was out of this fresh start that Furler began writing new music for his album. With a mini-recorder in hand, Furler began an authentic, organic process of writing songs as he explored his new surroundings. It was out of this process on fire was birthed.

Together with producer Seth Mosley (Me In Motion), Furler worked to create the 11-track album on fire. Featuring vibrant, contagious anthems for which Furler is known, the instrumentation was a tag-team effort between Furler and Mosley to create the unique sound Furler’s fans have come to know and love. Steve Taylor, as well as John Painter (Flemming and John), Jimmy Abegg (Ragamuffin Band) and fellow former newsboys member Phil Joel contributed to the project. Summer Furler also joins her husband for the first time in the recording studio, singing background vocals, while joining as keyboardist in his band.

On fire combines quirky pop melodies and driving guitars with unforgettable lyrical hooks – and powerful, corporate worship songs, long a hallmark of Furler‘s music career. on fire reflects the freedom and joy of a man at peace in his own skin. “Music”, he says, “is meant to have life in it.” And now that he‘s devoted attention to what‘s most important in his life, music itself has taken on even greater meaning, which is one reason Furler is elated to share these new songs with the world.

Joined by fellow newsboys bandmate Phil Joel, Peter Furler and band will set Kelowna Community Theatre on fire January 26 at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased at Bell Tower Books and for $32.50/person.

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