The Funeral Cafe is taking reservations!

Greetings Social Potluckers, food eaters and storytellers, I have a crazy new project starting soon, very soon…

The general thrust of it is that I will be hosting four lunches in the Vernon Public Art Gallery in exchange for funeral stories (stories you would like told about yourself, stories you wish you had told, have told, or stories that take place at funerals-it is a very broad topic). I will record those stories and create a sound installation in the space for when there are no lunches being held (of course, you are free to take you own bag lunch in on days I am not hosting a lunch).

If you want to get in on the lunches – there are only four!- you need to make a reservation. The lunches will be catered by either myself, a couple food historians (what a great title), The Bamboo Grill and Crush Bistro. The dates are Oct 15, Oct 31, Nov 17 and Dec 1st. As always this is free but you must tell a story and be willing to have it recorded so that I can use it in the installation.

There is a great article in the Vernon Morning Star (

I hope to hear from you soon,

Gabe Newman

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