Digital Gives it All Away

The Album “Digital”, due out on Saturday December 1, 2012, is the tenth Release by local artist Timothy Fehr. Leading up to the release, Tim is giving away all his previous albums for free download at

Tim’s songs are created from the ground up in his home studio. His work is best described as experimental electronic contemporary. The new Digital album also includes an original experimental music video.

According to Tim, the album is named after the band because it’s about the identity of the band. “It’s about the struggle of inclusion. I felt like I needed to give everything away to share my artistic identity. There’s a lyric from the album that says…you’ll have to give it all away.”

Track two, Calling, on the new album deals with the process of making music, “clipped off the tip of it to hear the limited, switch to the spectral to see…” Tim explains that in order to limit the sounds the tips of the sound wave are “clipped” and spectral is a visualization of frequencies.

Tim’s work also touches on challenging issues such as religion, suicide, addiction and rejection. His inspiration comes from his experience of living in Kelowna, which he describes as a beautiful place with a dark side.

Tim is a media artist and founder of Spell Cast Productions who has been working in experimental music since 1997. He currently works in experimental audio/video, installation, DJ/VJ, performance and music. He has shown in Calgary and throughout the Okanagan Valley at events such as the G74: Music and Media Arts Festival, the Okanagan International Film Festival, Shambhala Music Festival and Footwerk.

On his website along with the free downloads, each song has a page dedicated to open discussion. Viewers can comment while listening to, or watching the videos of this eponymous release.

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