The Stage’s A Drag – Okangan Pride Week

By: Kristin Burns


 Dean probably didn’t expect to be coerced into organizing a drag competition at his friend’s birthday party, but life is just full of surprises. Dean Krawchuk and his friend’s mom, Treasure Johnson, were chatting about Okanagan Pride Week at the party: “and then she found out I’m a theatre student.”

Dean’s been performing since he was 5, starting out in Ukrainian dance, and moving into theatre. After getting his education degree, Dean left dancing and was teaching theatre, but is now a BFA student back at university. “I decided I wanted to learn more about theatre, so I decided to go to UBCO so I could specialize in different types of theatre and actually be a performer instead of just a teacher… and create my own work instead of doing what other people have done.” But Dean has zero experience as a drag queen. “At times I felt uncomfortable around them because they can be intimidating, because they’re so boisterous. But I’ve realized that it’s fun, and I’m excited for what’s to come Friday.”

Hosting the event, Dustin Dufault will be transforming into the stunning – and recently acclaimed “most beautiful drag queen in the Okanagan” – Ella Lamoureux. Dustin has been doing drag for over a year now; he enjoyed dressing up for a friend’s drag party so much that he just hasn’t stopped, adding, “I think I’ve gotten pretty damn amazing at it in the last year.” Ella can best be described as “forever 21, Glamazon, always a tease, never takes anybody home” but Dustin tells me he’s still getting to know her himself: “she’s always growing.”

This is the first year for the event, so there has been some hurdles for the organizers. “I think the hardest thing is getting people to do it,” Dean says, “There are a lot of people who said they were interested in it, but they didn’t sign up… they’re too nervous and they won’t follow through because nerves get the better of them… coming from a bigger city and moving to a place like Kelowna, it’s hard. Sometimes it’s hard to be at The Centre Friday night and walk out and feel comfortable.”

Dustin adds, “what gay boy hasn’t dressed up as a girl once in their life?”

But there are 4 brave performers, all new to the stage, all competing for the titles.

I feel that, here, I should interject that I will be the solo drag king and virgin to the stage in the competition as Babyface Burns, AKA Kris Capone. I enjoy breaking barriers in my writing, so took a giant leap into the spotlight to try something new in real life… in front of a large audience. Yikes.

Drag performers have chosen their own song to perform, and the remaining two performers will have a sing-off to a judge selected song for the top spot. There will be titles to win (including crowns, ribbons and roses!), as well as $300 in cash prizes and prizes from our generous sponsors. In fact, “there are more prizes than there are people right now.”

Here are the details:
Where: ORC Centre 1476 Water Street
Event TONIGHT AUG 17th Starts at 6:00p.m. until 1:00 a.m.


6:00 BBQ Competition

6:30 Diabolical Dolls – Burlesque Show

8:00 Sherri D. Live – New York Comedian

10:00 Drag Competition

6 – 9 Silent Auction

Ticket Prices are $10.00 for members $15.00 for non members (included will be admission, a beer or drink and a burger)

Buy tickets to this event and others online @

UBCO MFA student, Shannon Lester, will have some of his paintings displayed in The Centre during the event, so make sure to check them out.



“God has given you one face, and you make yourself another.”
– William Shakespeare








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