The Artists & Performers of Riot on the Roof 2012

On Saturday August 25th, the Vernon Public Art Gallery and Sun Fm-Astral Media host their 4th annual summer end kickoff party, Riot on the Roof.  Taking place atop the two floors of the downtown Vernon parkade, Riot is a community event that was established to provide a space for artists, musicians, performers and youth to mingle under an affordable roof and show their appreciation for the alternative, the unique, and the unconventional.



Mackenzie Jones

A multi-media artist working in jewelry and alternative fashion, Megan has lived her life all over Alberta and is now a Calgary based artist. After an extended trip driving across Canada Megan learned to appreciate the beauty in life.

Through the wearable art performance Avant-Garb Megan has exhibited at the Art Gallery of Calgary, EPCOR center for the Performing Arts, Art Central and the Marion Nicoll Gallery.  Recently, her work has been ooed and awed at during the Vancouver Fashion Week and the attention and recognition that this fashion/artist extraordinaire is receiving continues to grow.  Megan joins the Riot on August 25th for the greatly anticipated Wearable Art Fashion Show!

The gallery wasn’t kidding when they said it housed a multitude of art:

“Riot also features a wealthy pool of local and emerging artists from the Okanagan, such as Kristen Amy Cresswell, Dana Penney, Skye Moore, to name a few, who will be installing their artwork for all to see at the parkade.  Liz and Dylan of Tandem studios will be there to paint a mural.  There’s going to be film screenings, including one from UBC-O’s Michael V. Smith, soundcan performance from UBC-O’s Neil Cadger and students, poetry and spoken word performances in our lounge area, acoustic performances from Harley David Knife and Bjorn Kriel, body art from world renowned Dawn Tyndall, and a couple of other surprises that I’ll save for Riot.  You’ll just have to come out and see what they are!”

Tickets are $5, or $10 and you get a yearlong membership to the gallery, not to mention goes to support your local artists, who are working hard at giving Riot goers the best show yet!
All ages welcome.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Facebook event page: Riot on the Roof 2012.
Contact info: 250 545 3173 or
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