RIOT on the Roof – An Evening of Alternative ART

It’s finally August, which means one of two things: you’re prepping your BBQ’s and dingy boats for long weekends under 30 degree weather or you’re trying not to think about the approach of fall, the looming dark cloud of despair that clings to your warm, summer skin like a stubborn sucking leech.

Or, if you’re anything like the Vernon Public Art Gallery, you’re vibrating with excitement, like you’re permanently attached to an IV of espresso, as August means one thing to the gallery: time for a Riot!

On Saturday August 25th, the Vernon Public Art Gallery and Sun Fm-Astral Media host their 4th annual summer end kickoff party, Riot on the Roof.  Taking place atop the two floors of the downtown Vernon parkade, Riot is a community event that was established to provide a space for artists, musicians, performers and youth to mingle under an affordable roof and show their appreciation for the alternative, the unique, and the unconventional.

“We’re incredibly excited for this year’s Riot,” says Kirsten Barkved, Youth Ambassador at the Vernon Public Art Gallery and coordinator for this Riot on the Roof.  “Every year brings something new, and we just really want to celebrate the diversity of our young, emerging artists, musicians and performers.”

Riot on the Roof is a significant event for Vernon, unique in what it has to offer, as it houses a multitude of creativity, allowing audiences to affordably and safely mingle and appreciate the alternative works out there.

“Often times, too, it can be scary to navigate the public with your artwork, music, etc.  Riot not only gives artists access to a public venue on a grand scale, it allows the community, especially youth, to explore what their local creative thinkers are up to, providing inspiration and intersection.”


Here is just a taste of what you can expect for this year:

Musical performances by five incredible local bands:


Van Damsel



Devon Coyote

Mackenzie Jones

Kristen Amy Cresswell

Dana Penney

Skye Moore

Liz and Dylan of Tandem studios

UBC-O’s Michael V. Smith

Harley David Knife and Bjorn Kriel

Dawn Tyndall


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