Riot of the Roof: Windmills, Van Damsel, Joyful Door, Devon Coyote & Paperboy to play

On Saturday August 25th, the Vernon Public Art Gallery and Sun Fm-Astral Media host their 4th annual summer end kickoff party, Riot on the Roof.  Taking place atop the two floors of the downtown Vernon parkade, Riot is a community event that was established to provide a space for artists, musicians, performers and youth to mingle under an affordable roof and show their appreciation for the alternative, the unique, and the unconventional.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect for this year:

Musical performances by five incredible local bands:


A one man loop-artist from the Okanagan, Cory Myraas fuses together electric folk with indie rock, and has played over dozens of shows.  He has had the opportunity to open for a wide variety of talented bands such as Library Voices, The Dudes, Wake Owl, and Bend Sinister, as well as opening for a sold out Habitat audience during Kelowna’s POP Okanagan 2011. Praised for his live shows and originality Windmills has created a buzz and a name already familiar throughout the Okanagan.




Van Damsel

These four lads herald from Kamloops, and enjoy ‘having a good time’, ‘keeping it chill’ and enjoy making music that they want to hear.  With influences that range from Interpol, Bloc Party, The Police, Kings of Leon, to Skillrex, these gents have one thing in common: giving you a good time.  “We’re not here to change the world.  Changing our underwear on a daily basis is challenging enough.”



In the fall of 2010 in the drummer’s basement, Zac Gauthier and James Balehowsky got together in hopes of writing music that was unique, fresh, exciting, and most of all, thought provoking. As the writing process continued, Kayla Gauthier joined in the spring of 2011 with a passion for piano and vocals. Then to complete the band, Steve Wickenheiser joined in spring 2012. JoyfulDoor is a progressive rock band based out of Kelowna, B.C and is constantly inspired by the beauty of the Okanagan.  JoyfulDoor released their 6 song EP “More than the Sparrows” in June 2012 and are in the progress of writing their next EP to be recorded this fall.


by Nathan Cail/Fifth Eye Photographics


Before the sun comes up, these three musicians hailing from Vernon, BC, have a job to do, and they’re gonna see it through. Don’t let their modest looks and matching outfits deceive you. No!  These boys are out for your hearts and potential souls, whether it be the classy Motown beat pounding from Cameron Lutz’s drum kit, the funky rhythm of Braeden Otter’s Bass-fiddle or the doo-wop inspired vocal and guitar phrases of Luke Mortenson, these boys mean business. Like a southern Baptist minister, Paperboy, with their catchy-as-sin melodies and engaging stage presence, are sure to whip you into a dance-inspired frenzy.  If given the chance to see this dynamic trio, don’t hesitate to say “heck yes!” for the occasion will no doubt be a memorable one. Their catalogue will no doubt have you, your teenager, grandparent, spouse, perhaps mistress, and assorted animal life front row for a show that is not any time soon to be forgotten.


Hit up their CBC music profile for tunes:

Devon Coyote


Devon Coyote, born Devon Bjarnason in Kelowna BC, is a talented singer/songwriter getting nationwide attention for his energetic foot stomping live performances. His unique style and sound infused of rock, blues, folk and swinging country comes thru brilliantly in his 2011 album “Blue, Black & Grey.”   BCIMA’s nominee for “New Artist of the Year 2011” and sharing the stage with industry professionals such as Emerson Drive, Andrew Allen, Current Swell, Bif Naked, Said the Whale, Alex Cuba, The Mudmen and Yukon Blonde. Devon Coyote is building a loyal pack following of music lovers from coast to coast and gaining momentum for independent success.  This aggressively magnetic performer captivates the room with his pumped-up live show filled with originals. Rotating through multiple instruments and using a combination of effects, loop pedals and stomp-boxing beats make it impossible not to be drawn into his mesmerizing energetic live show.


And that’s just the music performers! There’s still even more. Look out for it in the coming days!


Tickets are $5, or $10 and you get a yearlong membership to the gallery, not to mention goes to support your local artists, who are working hard at giving Riot goers the best show yet!

All ages welcome.  Doors open at 6:30pm.  Facebook event page: Riot on the Roof 2012.

Contact info: 250 545 3173 or

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