Michael Kaeshammer in Penticton for a 5 night run – two nights left to go!


Michael Kaeshammer performs at The Dream Cafe, Tuesday through Saturday.
Even with a rapidly expanding career, jazz pianist/vocalist Michael Kaeshammer always finds time in his schedule to include a five-night stand in Penticton.
“The shows at The Dream Cafe are the only gigs I do every year where I contact the promoter and make sure that date is on this year’s touring schedule,” he said.
“It’s one of my favourite gigs to play every year. While I’m there I visit with friends I’ve met over the years, tour a winery and just enjoy the sun. Penticton is like a home away from home for me.”
Kaeshammer begins his five-night stand Tuesday at The Dream Cafe on Front Street.
One of his first major gigs as a professional was at the Penticton Jazz Festival where he instantly won over the crowd. He recalls it being his first-ever booking where he flew to the festival.
Between last year’s stop in Penticton and now, Kaeshammer and his band have been touring Canada, the U.S., Europe, Britain, China and Israel. Once he’s done in Penticton he has three dates in Ireland.
“At the end of our last tour, I decided to throw a big party for friends and fans at a theatre in Toronto and we video-taped and recorded the show,” he said.
“While working on that DVD, I also started writing for a new CD which I’m still writing for while on tour now. The plan is to record new material this fall for a new release in the spring.”
Kaeshammer Live! was released on Valentine’s Day and although live albums are often criticized for not being able to translate the ¬†excitement of being there in person, he’s happy with the final product.
“The way we recorded it was the best and most honest way to record the show live and the atmosphere we create on stage is definitely
coming through on the recording.”
While the majority of material in his show is original, he’s been known to toss in the occasional cover version.
Kaeshammer will be joined in Penticton by Mark McLean on drums and Marc Rogers on bass.
Michael Kaeshammer performs at The Dream Cafe Tuesday through Saturday starting at 8 p.m. each night. Tickets are $42 and available by phoning the restaurant.
On the net:www.kaeshammer.com.
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