TEN-TEN-TEN | Nathan Hare spoken word

by TribeHouse

Nathan Hare is a Kelowna based story-teller, spoken word poet, and musician. At the TEN-TEN-TEN event he shared some wittymusings (pretty sure they’re based on actual events) on his life as a 16 year old high school student and you can bet your cat on the fact that this won’t be thelast we see of Nathan. He recently did a show with his 80 year old grandfather at the Kelowna Art Gallery and also showed up to perform at the Lille Gard Festival.


TEN-TEN-TEN was an experimental event held on May 24, 2012 at Bo.ttega Farm Inn. The concept behind it was to feature 10 different artists with 10 minute performances for 10 bucks admission. It was an incredibly eclectic evening with a capital “E”.

To find out more about the TEN-TEN-TEN event, check it out on the TribeHouse website: http://www.tribehouse.org/2012/03/ten-ten-ten/

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