Penticton DJ Colten Morelli & his Avicii experience

By Steve Waldner – Penticton Western News


Penticton DJ Colten Morelli (left) and Johnny Ciardullo pump up the crowd for Avicii on Sunday night outside the South Okanagan Events Centre.

Steve Waldner/Western News

Over the past two years, 16-year-old Colten Morelli has come a long way in his DJ career — he’s gone from playing for a few of his friends to DJing a pre-show dance party for Avicii at the SOEC on Canada Day.


“Well, two years ago I got turntables, and last year I DJed one of my friend’s parties, and there was like two or three people there I think, and after that I just started doing it more and more,” said Morelli.


When Morelli heard that world-famous DJ Avicii would be playing the SOEC on Sunday, he seized the opportunity to move beyond house parties and onto a larger stage.


“I just went on the SOEC site, and just, who could I email just out of sheer luck, right, just to try and get my name out, just like, ‘Hey, do you guys need an opener? I’m totally down to do this,’” he said.


Morelli’s ambition was noticed, and the general manager of the SOEC, Dean Clarke, called him, and while he didn’t give him the opening slot, encouraged him to enter an online contest being put on to win the opening slot.


“I think for us here at Global Spectrum, especially with our beautiful facility, we want to make sure our talented locals are included in our world-class events,“ said Clarke. Global Spectrum is the company that manages the SOEC.


While Morelli didn’t win, Clarke gave him another opportunity — to DJ a pre-show dance party in the plaza outside the SOEC.


“When we saw the quality of work that Colten, at such a young age, was producing, we just felt like this was another opportunity to encourage someone from our community,” said Clarke.


“It was definitely cool to see older people get into it,” said Morelli. “Normally it’s just like, I mean I just graduated Grade 10, and it’s cool to see people get stoked on it who are older, like 20, 25 and stuff like that. It was awesome though, I had lots of fun.”

Avicii in Penticton at South Okanagan Events Centre

As well as DJing outside the SOEC, Morelli said he received two free tickets to Avicii.


“It was definitely a highlight to see someone that super close, you know?” he said.


Morelli said the experience inspired him to keep pursuing his just-blooming DJ career.


“That’s definitely what I want to do, just, the vibe that was there,” he said. “That’s definitely what I want to do in life, make music and create.”



What you said on Twitter about the Avicii with special guest Cazzette concert at the South Okanagan Events Centre on Sunday:


@janzenkyle — @Avicii You made Penticton dance! #HappyCanadaDay

@RozzyGlam — @Avicii your Canada Day show in Penticton, BC was amazing! Please come back soon!

@jillthedutchgrl — Could someone please explain to me why @Avicii was done at 9pm? Were we partying on GMT time? #penticton #soec #expensivetix

@Onewaylayne — @Cazzette what a rush last night was. #doitagain #wasthatreallife

@SnowDragon1976 — Avicii in Penticton now sweet show!

@ItsNotMcCann Canada Day was one of the best nights I’ve had in awhile. Djing outside @SOEC was awesome

@Cazzette — Wazza Penticton?! Sick mountains over here!




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