“Photographing Lake Country” PHOTO CAMP

The Lake Country Art Gallery is pleased to be offering a very special summer camp for youth this July called: “Photographing Lake Country”.
The week-long camp is open for youth between the ages of 8 and 14 and commences July 9th. Camp hours are from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Participants will receive instruction on the basics of photography and other associated mediums, in between different field trips to explore diverse sections of the municipality through their own lens.
The collected works will be put on display at the FINA gallery on the UBCO campus.
“This is an exciting opportunity for young people to explore their community and share their vision with us in the public domain,” remarks Petrina McNeill, manager of the Lake Country Art Gallery.
The Lake Country Art Gallery is a not-for-profit, public gallery whose mission is to celebrate arts as an essential part of the human experience, enhancing the community through art and art experiences.
“Photographing Lake Country” also strives to help young people understand and participate in the rigour of making art. The week long camp will incorporate numerous local artists who will give instruction and work with the participants on a one-to-one basis helping them find their voice through creative processes. Beyond the basics of photography, this program will also introduce participants to photoshop, digital manipulation, printmaking and creative writing.
Zev Tiefenbach, camp coordinator, is initiating this camp after a series of photography-based residencies in public schools in Salmon Arm and Vancouver. As a photographer himself, he realized that the intimacy and authenticity implicit in much of the work created by his students was what he strove for in a lot of his own work. “I’m interested in photographing geographies, but I’ve found that facilitating processes that allows the local kids to photograph their own places brings me a lot closer to the images that I’m most passionate about.”
Spaces in the camp are limited. Please contact the Lake Country Art gallery lakecountryartgallery@telus.com or by phone at 250.766.1299 for registration.
For more information on this release contact Zev Tiefenbach, camp coordinator @ 778.883.2000.
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