New Fibre Art Exhibition at Gallery Vertigo

By Staff Writer – Vernon Morning Star


A Pittsburgh artist is about to share an inside joke with a Vernon audience. And that is no joke.
Amy DiPlacido’s exhibition, Please Let Me Know if You’ve Heard This One Before, is currently on view at Gallery Vertigo.


Her work explores language, and perception through non-traditional fibre techniques.


“DiPlacido’s exhibition at Gallery Vertigo cannot help but create associations to our everyday lives,” said Vertigo director Heidi Maddess. “She is showing a series of inside jokes that have design rules in forms of formal etiquette and colour rebuttals imposed on them.”


DiPlacido uses hand-dyed stretched colour panels paired with panels of embroidered text in order to compose a platform for social and institutional critique.


“The colour panels encourage the eye to weave between colour field, gallery white, and language,” said Maddess. “The words and phrases reveal man’s compulsion to compartmentalize monotony and attraction to the familiar. One immediately understands the implied satire by the absurdities and praising sincere intent.”


An artist and educator living in Pittsburgh, DiPlacido has exhibited her work throughout the U.S., including solo exhibitions at Lynn Arts, The Monongalia Art Center, and The Holzwasser Gallery. Her work has been accepted into The Art Farm, Art 342 Residency, and the Vermont Studio Center.


She earned her bachelor of fine arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2007, and her masters in fine art at Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2009, and is also the owner of the small business, The Dear Dyery, which specializes in hand-dyed clothing and accessories.

Also on view at Gallery Vertigo is Annerose Georgeson’s Among Trees.


Born in Switzerland, Georgeson moved to Canada with her family when she was three years old.


Her ties to landscape started from her sense of attachment to a new land that was very different to what she had known before, said Maddess.


“Using her environment as inspiration has continued in Georgeson’s work for her subject matter reflects the same home in Vanderhoof that her family has owned since arriving in Canada.”


In the body of work exhibited at Gallery Vertigo entitled Among Trees, Georgeson explores the various states of forest in her environment, including logging, fires, farming and the pine beetle.



Both exhibitions run at Gallery Vertigo, #1-3001-31st St. (upstairs), until July 14.
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