Lillegard Lineup

There are a pile of local (and international) artists coming to the local Lille Gard Festival June 30 – July 1. The lineup is almost complete. Already it promises to be a jammed packed, inspiring weekend! Here’s who is coming so far:




david ruisDavid Ruis
(L.A., USA)
A curious blend of creative art & worship with a strong social justice vibe


sarah brendelSarah Brendel
(Dresden, Germany)
Expanding and personalizing genres from Folk to Pop



Old MareOld Mare
(Vancouver, BC)
Parade of souls, chants, thunder drums, soft shoe shuffle (acoustic)



ari neufeldAri Neufeld
(Penticton, BC)
Full Contact Folk



graham ordOrd Strauss Blues Revue
(Kelowna, BC)
Straight up blues with a side of Rock ‘n Roll



jimmy balfourJimmy Balfour
(Kelowna, BC)
Exploring new ideas, creating atmospheres, and connecting with an audience


ezra kwizeraEzra Kwizera
(Vancouver, BC)
Carries the spark of an enthusiastic life, along with the rich undertones of someone who has seen and survived hardships, war, and poverty


kim mcmechanKim McMechan
(Kelowna, BC)
Intimate, poetic folk that moves people



cowboy bobCowboy Bob
(Kelowna, BC)
Good ol’ fashioned fun country bluegrass & classics



Jonathan Inc.
(Vancouver, BC)
Highly literate lyrics and shimmering, moody pop (AKA beard core for your soul)

the violet burningThe Violet Burning (Michael Pritzl)
Independent Rock ‘n Roll



The GeeseThe Geese
(Vancouver, BC)
West Coast Danger Folk



Brent TylerBrent Tyler
(Calgary, AB)
Big Acoustic Love 




Cod Gone WildCod Gone Wild
(Vernon, BC)
Modern World Celtic band



joshua smithJoshua Smith
(Kelowna, BC)
East coast soul folk




Melodic indie at times folkish/prophetic alternative rock 



mark irvingMark Irving
(Kelowna, BC)
Vulnerable indie folk-rock 



jane eamonJane Eamon
(Kelowna, BC)
Soulful, spiritual, country, folk-blues with a side of gospel and a hint of Celtic



corey doakCorey Doak
(Kelowna, BC)
Quick wit story, offbeat humour & psalmistry with poetic folk roots



raquel warcholRaquel Warchol
(Vernon, BC)
Country-pop acoustic with a bit of a Nashville twang (in a good way)




Carrie Harper

For mixed Media artist Carrie Harper, art is the experience of expression rather than slotting into specific medium or subject and that good art stirs memories and personal meaning and isn’t always beautiful, but messy and emotional. She creates her art at her studio in Downtown Kelowna, BC.
nikki balfourNikki Balfour

Emotions and words are a continual source of inspiration and these often find their way into the freestyle and abstract techniques that have been a large part of her development as an artist. Nikki Balfour is a Kelowna artist who has been dedicated to painting since 2005.


Madelyn-HamiltonMadelyn Hamilton BFA

Madelyn is a working artist who has resided in West Kelowna for the past 36 years. From a home studio countless numbers of creations have been widely shown both locally and beyond. The deep concern for an environment at risk is reflected in her images of a natural world that is interconnected with the presence of humanity. Art surfaces are highly textured and nature based.

Julie_Elliot_artistJulie Elliot

Julie Elliot expresses her ideas in a variety of media including mixed-media paintings, monoprints, collagraphs and intaglio – often combining several processes in one piece. Over the past 20 years Julie has developed a style that is marked by strong flat shapes, line and pattern within a richly textured surface.


gord whyteGord Whyte

Gord graduated from the Vancouver School of Art (nowEmily Carr School of Art) in 1970 and currently lives in Kelowna. A portion of proceeds from the sale of his artwork will go towards subsidizing travel costs of Healing Gate Ministries International and his work is found in many homes and corporate offices in Kelowna, Victoria, USA, Beijing and S. Korea.


cool arts kelownaCool Arts

Cool Arts is dedicated to providing fine arts opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities living in the Central Okanagan. They believe everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through the arts and that disabilities should not interfere with this choice. Their vision is to create opportunities, to make art, to take classes and learn, to be in a supportive fine arts environment, to exhibit or perform, to be part of the larger arts community.

dave watlandDave Watland

When you see Dave’s paintings you get a glimpse of nature from his unique viewpoint. His paintings offer an infinite variety and create a soothing, abstract quality beneath the realism. Despite the primarily inanimate nature of some of his paintings, Dave’s work projects a life and energy that find their source from our Creator and his passion for the outdoors.
James-HayesJames Hayes

James lives in the beautiful Oyama, B.C. in the Okanagan Valley where much of his inspiration for his artwork comes from. Oyama is a very special area to myself along with my family.


sara gagnonSara Gagnon

Born and raised in Kelowna, BC, Sara finds inspiration at home, in the beautiful Okanagan, and abroad from her many world travels. Sara is also a two time national award winner of the Robert Bateman Art Contest. In addition to creating, Sara teaches art classes for beginning artists of all ages.


christine cloutierChristine Cloutier

For Christine, creative painting has no boundaries: “This artistic endeavor allows to us express who we are without restrictions on age, gender or nationality. It’s a universal language without words,” and that is why Christine has chosen this artistic language in order to connect with people.


john revill

John Revill

While never studying in a formal school of art, John Revill has developed his talents through mentoring with other artists and through his own personal studies. Painters such as Alex ColvilleSalvador Dali, and many of the Old Masters have had an effect on his technique and compositional style, as have the art forms of Canada’s West Coast Indiginous People. John Revill currently lives in the Okanagan and has been painting since his late teens.



Brad JersakBrad Jersak
(Abbotsford, BC)
Brad Jersak is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. He is currently doing Ph.D. studies in theology through Bangor University in Wales.


david ruisDavid Ruis
David is a deep well of innovative ideas, a songwriter, speaker, and an international man of mystery. He travels all around the globe sharing elements of these qualities at different times… he’ll get your head spinning this summer at Lille Gard in a good way.

chris janzenChris Janzen

Chris has been a musician ever since he hit puberty and has an incredible heart for people and issues of justice. ”Every person deserves just a little bit more love, honesty, and truth in their life. A stepping forward over the line saying let’s not live mediocre lives – you deserve more than that. You deserve more than people treading on you…”

Chris is the front man for the band Old Mare based out of the Fraser valley of British Columbia, playing their version of story telling songs and like Damien Jurado, Nick Cave, and the National they hope to draw you into the story too.


ezra kwizeraEzra Kwizera
Growing up as a Rwandan refugee in Uganda, he has come from seemingly insurmountable challenges and has risen up to become one of the most notable artists and music producers in East Africa and internationally. In recent years, Ezra has travelled around the world and performed in front of thousands, in Africa, the UK and the US. He is currently residing in the greater Vancouver area of BC, Canada.

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