Guerilla Petal Art

A group of artists lead by Runaway Moon Theatre and Calendario maven Cathy Stubbington – visit their facebook page to stay up to date with all the marvelous upcoming events and workshops they’re planning:
One of the artists who participated in the Guerilla Petal Art last week in Vernon was Joanne Salé, who had this say about the project:
It was Cathy who first approached me about doing the guerrilla petals. Ultimately, my attraction to the Calendario project and to making public art is that they are invitations to the viewer to pause and notice their surroundings. A chance to get out of one’s head and to just be present for a moment. I love the simplicity of this project, anyone can do it, and the wonder that it inspired in the people who noticed was a huge payoff. We got a lot of smiles and friendly comments. As a participant, it certainly fostered a feeling of deepening my connection to my community.










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