Dominique Fricot & Ciseaux Play Fernando’s

by Jaimie Miller

On May 19th Awesome Okanagan welcomes Dominique Fricot and Ciseaux‘s Katie Shaan to Fernando’s (279 Bernard Avenue, Kelowna) as part of their Western Canadian tour to promote each of their new albums.

Dominique Fricot

Fricot, from Vancouver, was once songwriter and frontman for a band called “The Painted Birds”.  While together they had been involved in some remarkable events like the 2009 PEAK Performance Project, Canadian Music Week, NXNE, The Western Canadian Music Awards, and the prestigious SXSW in Austin Texas. They’ve since parted ways, but Fricot is pursuing the dream and celebrates the release of his newest record, If Baby Could Walk.

If Baby Could Walk opens with a gloriously heart wrenching track called “Seashore”. It emulates the feeling of being so goddamn sad and emotionally broken, and all the while you let yourself baste (yes, like a turkey) in the gluttonous pleasure inside the pain. Fricot’s writing style in this tune would pair ever so beautifully with someone like Dan Mangan.

“Haunted By Love”, the second track on the album made me stop and do a double take. “Yo dude, that’s not Coldplay, is it?!” Nope, not even close… BETTER. Fricot’s styling just sounds so easy, the layers are definitely complex and the way it comes together in the end is remarkable. Someone took this guy’s heart and broke it into a million beautiful little pieces.

The last track “Burn and Start Over” shows the natural progression of healing a broken heart. Realizing that he may have been blinded by the love he had for this girl and feeling a bit stupid because of it. She’s trying to avoid him, and it scares him that she’s now gone from his life. The structure of the song is the most energetic of the lot, showing faster tempo and rockin’ guitar riffs to cap off the story to this man’s heart break.

If you’ve ever had your heart broken you’ll eat this up. You might even find your new musical obsession. Keep you eye on this guy, he’s going places!

Watch this interactive Music Video he made!



Ciseaux is the latest project of Katie Schaan of Victoria, BC. This young lady has wicked classical stylings and takes great influence from some fantastic genres which makes it hard to nail down what her music ‘is’. It’s magic. It’s happy, it’s tragic, it’s engaging, it’s full of flavour. This album breathes. I highly suggest you spend some time with it and uncover it’s many layers of craftsmanship.

One of my fave’s is “Dance Card”, an energetic approach to disco, get out on the floor and dance baby! Ya! “You want a spot on my dance card?” Classic!

“The Story” is another great track. Drawing influence from pop queens of the 80′s and current celebrity performing artists, this song is shrouded in mystery. Think Pat Benatar, Madonna, and Gaga.

I also have to mention the first two songs on the album, “The Ocean” and “The Game”. The lyrics and the music in both these tracks are epic. They remind me of songs performed by people like Florence Welch & Adele. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ciseaux’s music gets used in the film industry, every song is flawless and dynamic.

I’m very excited to see where this girl’s career takes her, I got the feeling you can’t keep her pinned down.

Where: Fernando’s Pub (279 Bernard Avenue)
When: Saturday, May 19, 2012 — 8:30pm
How Much: $8
For: 19+

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