10 Artists, 10 Minutes Each, $10 – You Won’t Get This Anywhere Else

by Graham Ord

10 10 10 is essentially and evening with Ten Artists from various disciplines performing for Ten minutes each and it costs Ten bucks to see the show…. It is part of a series of three events that the lead up to our annual Music and Arts Festival called Lille Gard held over the July long weekend.


The idea for 10 10 10 came together after an artist retreat that TribeHouse hosted last fall where the various artists attending performed short pieces in an open mic forum each night. We realized that one of the best aspects of our time together were these times together.  Building on this concept we thought let’s invite public to enjoy this diverse creativity too. The Artists for 10 10 10 were chosen based on their high skill level and also their artistic diversity and creative interest. The criteria we gave the Artists was to perform ‘something’ for ten minutes with the general theme of Justice It can be anything you like but it must knock our socks off! No pressure though!  We are excited to see what this amazing evening will showcase.


The evening will feature some of the finest musicians in the Okanagan such as Brian Wiebe (Ney Flute), Scotty Gamble (percussion), Sandra Babbel (vocals) and Martin Kratky (Cello). Also fine visual Art and sculpture by Katie Brennan and Dylan Ranney and cartoon animation by Todd Ramsay.  Also spoken word and poetry by Bruce Wiebe and Nathan Hare. We also have dance with Jackie Faulkner and Ventriloquism/comedy with Jesse Padgett.  It will be very diverse and extremely inspiring.



sandra babbel  Sandra Babbel

nathan hare  Nathan Hare
Spoken Word

katie_brennan  Katie Brennan
Visual Arts

Martin-Kratky  Martin Krátký

Jackie-Faulkner  Jackie Faulkner


Jesse-Padgett  Jesse Padgett
Ventriloquist / comedian

Dylan-Ranney  Dylan Ranney

bruce_brian_wiebe  Bruce & Brian Wiebe

todd_ramsay  Todd Ramsay

Scott Gamble  Scotty Gamble


The event is held at the newly built Bottega Farm Inn in SE Kelowna on Thursday 24th May at 7pm. Tickets can be purchased online from http://www.tribehouse.org/2012/03/ten-ten-ten/

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