Spidey Poet – from G’morning, Poetry: A Late-Night Humour Talk Show Live!

Kevin Hartford: So, you do the poetry?

Jaroslaw Ilya McPherson Eckhoff: First of all, that’s none of your business. Secondly, yes… I do do poetry.

KH: You said “do do poetry.”

JIME: Are we done yet?

KH: Can you tell me a bit about this new literary cabaret in Vernon?

JIME: Okay, yes please, of course! G’morning, Poetry: A Late-Night Humour Talk Show Live! brings together all kinds of peeps for a community block party of the goofing and the musics and the gifts and the writing!

KH: Radicawesomestic! What about the where, when and how?

JIME: The first live episode will destroy Friday, the April 13th at the Hub Arts Collective! Guess who’s going to deluxe us with their presences!

KH: The Edward Cullen?

JIME: Wrong! The Young Spiderman with superhero poem maneuvre advice! And upstart, downfinish comedic perforpyromancer Tristan MacKinley! And word-games surprises prizes! And musical sounds from Luke Mortenson! And it’s all family-happy of every-ages and starts at 9 in the PM!

KH: What about…

JIME: Gertrude Stein once wrote: “The door is a door is a fun that when guarded by fun the door becomes more. One door becomes every door and the that isn’t rude.”

KH: So, you’re saying it’s pay what you can with a suggested donation of $3-5?

JIME: Totes!

KH: What inspired this late-night show?

JIME: Well, sure! My bestfriend and regular cohost, Jake Kennedy, and I put spoetry spoofs on a web-log called gmorningpoetry.blogspot.com. Feel free to follow it. The show is like a stage adaptation. Also, bf organizes an annual sort of word ruckus thing in Kelowna… GP: ALNHTSL might almost be a mini-Ruckus north!

KH: Jake’s going to being cohosting on the thirteenth?

JIME: Nope! He’ll be in another country! Kelowna-based comedian Amy Edgar will me playing the role of bestfriend for the evening, keeping me in-line and keeping the laughs nocuous.

KH: Sounds real. Any final parting words of conclusion ideas?

JIME: Yes!

April 13th
All ages please welcome
PWYC (suggested donation of $3-5)

if anyone from the community would like info on how to become a guest on an upcoming episode, please feel the free to email: kevinmcphersoneckhoff@gmail.com

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