Kelowna’s newest record store: Milkcrate Records

by Vincent Jones  –

The 5th annual record store day is fast approaching, on April 21st, and it’s a day that provides us with an opportunity to get out and make sure we appreciate and acknowledge the local music stores within the community. For Kelowna, the day promises to be extremely exciting as that is when Milkcrate Records, located at 1551 Ellis Street, officially opens. Milkcrate Records is Kelowna’s newest record store, specializing, in new and pre-loved vinyl records and CDs. Yet the overall vision for the store is what truly excites me. Owner Pete Jeffry wants the store to become a vibrant community hub where artistic minds can meet to chat about music, share ideas and enjoy live music, delicious pie and freshly brewed coffee. Yes, you read that right! Milkcrate is also going to be home to Packinghouse Pie and Coffee meaning that they’ll be serving pie! The pie will be made on-site from scratch with as many local ingredients as possible. Co-owners of DunnEnzies Pizza, Deb Dunnigan and Karyn MacKenzie, are also on board with Pete and the trio are determined to do everything they can to make sure Milkcrate Records becomes Kelowna’s number one destination for the buying, selling and trading of vinyl records… oh and pie. Did I mention that?

Milkcrate promises to be a place of colour, charm and personality. Employees are going to be given an opportunity to express their tastes and specific musical preferences through featured staff picks that will be displayed in store. The in store selection promises to be large and eclectic and there will surely be something for all musical tastes at Milkcrate. Even if you can’t find the record you want in stock, the store will gladly special order items for you.

I personally feel that there’s significant musical talent in Kelowna and a genuine need for a growth of venues, promoters and distributors within the local scene. The owners and staff at Milkcrate share this vision and are prepared to back Kelowna’s talent by not only allowing local acts to play at the store, but by selling the records of local independent artists too. In addition, Milkcrate will be selling tickets to events and stocking parts for record players and various cool toys and gadgets that will appeal to musicians and music lovers alike. This is all in addition to a rather standard record store practice of buying, selling, and trading records, with a twist; Milkcrate Records also has a very laid back approach to returns and exchanges.

There’s a growing arts scene in Kelowna and Milkcrate Records want to be actively involved in fostering the growth and development of it. That’s something all local arts lovers should get behind, so go on down and check them out. Maybe buy a record or two – there’s no tax on anything that has already had some lovin’. I’ll see you there – I’ll be the one with a large slab of pie and an armful of Smiths records, so be sure to say hi.

And finally… here are some upcoming performances at Milkcrate Records:

April 23rd: Yukon Blonde

CBC Radio West’s Rebecca Zandbergen also did an interview with Milkcrate Records Owner Peter Jefferey – check it out here.
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  1. Milkcrate records store is going to be a great addition to Kelowna’s music stores. The idea of providing pie and coffee will definitely make this store to be popular amongst music lovers. This is a fantastic way to kick of the 5th annual record day in Kelowna and hopefully many people will turn out to support the launch of Milkcrate records.

  2. PETER KLEIN says:

    You are soo lucky..
    My wife wants me to eliminate my record collection.
    I said “yes Dear”,sorted them all by genres,put them in boxes,loaded them into my van.
    There are about 760,yes, senenhundredandsixty of them.From swing,rock and roll,classics,and international.
    Well,it breaks my heart,but I want a dollar a piece for them.or,,best offer.
    The deal is,no picking and choosing.You take them all.
    There are about 25 records,not included in the total,I wanted to trow them out,but,what do I know 🙂
    Please get back to me asap.
    Thank you:

  3. Hi,

    It was just brought to my attention that you shared my Milkcrate Records piece, so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank-you for doing so. I do appreciate it. For those that are interested, you can keep up with my column at:


    Vince Jones

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