UBUNTU- The Cape Town Project at the RCA

UBUNTU- The Cape Town Project
Presented by Kelowna Community Resources

Date: Mar 23-24, 2012 7:30PM

PRE-Show: African Dance with Ivy Braff 6:30PM
RCA Bistro: Serving South African Wine and African Dinner Entrée
Intermission- African Multi Media
POST Show- Meet & Greet the Artists
Price: $30 per adult / $10 per student

“In South Africa, “ubuntu” refers to the spirit of community, the belief that humanity is tied together.”

Ubuntu means “A person is a person through other persons” or “I am because we are”. This play has been created by the ensemble and has been developed in South Africa and Canada over the last four years. Director Daryl Cloran feels the play is about “our interconnectedness with one another, whether next door or across the ocean.”

In this new collective creation, ghosts haunt a man and a woman, continents apart, as they are drawn together to discover the secrets of their past. This international collaboration of Canadian and South African artists traces the ties that bind us all, with spirited storytelling, music and dance.

A young Canadian woman begins to unravel the legacy of her mother when she meets a young South African man searching for his father. Drawn together by chance and circumstance, they relentlessly pursue the truth only to realize it will turn their lives upside down.

The Rotary Centre for the Arts will create public awareness and cross cultural understanding through this multicultural presentation with the support of the Community Demonstration Project by The Kelowna Community Resources. Kelowna Community Resources sponsors this special evening of African culture as an addition to the UBUNTU play with elements of rhythms, drinks, food and dance.

Arrive early to enjoy African wine and food along with an African Dance demonstration by Ivy Braff. Come join Ivy and a support drummer in an environment stimulating us back to our roots.  African Dance wonderfully encompasses rhythms, intricate body movements, and playful dance transformations.

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