Songwriter Circle | March 16

Songwriter Circle | March 16   by TribeHouse

Another great lineup of local singer/songwriters from Kelowna sharing their tunes & stories “in the round” including Zachari Smith, Joelle Fuller, & Pauline Kyllonen.

LOCATION: Streaming Cafe | 596 Leon Ave., Kelowna, BC  (map)



Zachari Smith

Zachari Smith is a singer/songwriter and multi-intrumentalist. Zachari has released two solo albums as well as an album with his dad, Andrew Smith ( He is also a member of the indie rock band The Geese ( who have released an EP and a full length album together. He toured Canada, Germany, the UK and Switzerland in 2011 with these groups and will tour many of the same places in 2012. Zachari has done work as a studio musician, engineer and mix engineer working on albums by Joel Strauss, The Mighty River, and others. Zachari is also passionate about social justice and environmental protection and this comes across is his songwriting. He studied at St. Stephen’s University where he wrote a thesis on the artist’s ability to affect social change.



Pauline Kyllonen

Pauline Kyllonen (pronounced kĕ-low-něn) is a independent, performing singer/songwriter, recording artist based out of Kelowna, BC. “Pauline’s melancholy sounds bring Chris Isaak to mind, and they are the kind of tunes to listen to when sipping a cold beer or glass of white wine, most certainly on a balcony somewhere, alone, to immerse yourself in the images and emotions her songs conjure up.” – DJW, Mr. Neil’s Blog, New York City, New York






Joelle Fuller (from her myspace page)

Joelle Fuller has been trying to keep up with that musical spirit inside of her, for what now seems like forever. It’s that same spirit that weaves her words into poetry and has founded this unique collaborative.
Experimenting for years as a solo artist, with a variety of bands in the last six years, educating herself along the way, Joelle Fuller is where she was always meant to be: working with Saskatchewan’s best musicians. The JFB members come from a variety of backgrounds creating a collective sound infused with folk-funk, jazz and that tinge of unavoidable prairie country-roots. Joelle also lends her backing harmonies to alt-country outfit Gary Ray and the Soo Line.
Through glorious instrumentation and the unique interpretations of artists Gary Rehe, Nathaniel Bowen, Philipe LaGrande, and Etienne Soulodre, the Joelle Fuller Band sound reaches further into new and exciting territory. Each member carries their own extensive resume of experience.


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