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 #1: Amy Burkard


by Shauna Oddleifson

Amy Burkard moved to Kelowna from Vancouver in 2009. She has been very active in the arts community creating a variety of things with materials ranging from crafty items to works of art. She describes herself as an experimental artist, working with a variety of materials including felt and clay.
Amy’s felted works range from wet felted items including finger puppets and tea cozies, and more recently she started making felt paintings starting with wet felting, then adding needle felting to get the detail in the paintings. Amy also works with clay making functional and sculptural clay items. She has created really playful mugs with texture, and stamping – the technique she uses is called cut and paste – first the clay is thrown on the wheel (which she has in her own home studio) then she alters the form by cutting and reshaping and adding new components. Amy creates beautiful vases, platters and goblets.


On March 30th and 31st, Amy is going to be one of the artists selling her wares at Fabulous Finds. We sat down and talked about her thoughts on the event.

SO: What do you think about Fabulous Finds? 


AB: Well, I think it is the most exciting show and sale, event, and social affair in the Okanagan because it has so many amazing talents that come together that span across the borders of design, antique collectors, doll makers, jewelry makers and so much more. There are also really cool people involved – the vendors, the young vibrant audience that come to the show and of course Rio who puts on the show.


SO: What impact do you think Fabulous Finds has on the crafters and artisans in the area?

AB: I think is it s a great resource for opening up the networking possibilities in the community.


SO: How has it impacted you own work and business?

AB: I would say that it has encouraged me to try new things. Every time there is a show I feel exhilarated to prepare for it. I like having the deadline as I work great under pressure and it has pushed me to be more inventive and confident.
SO: What are your thoughts on making a living as a crafter / artisan in the Okanagan?


AB: I see it as jumping off that ledge – you need to take the risk to do what you feel is going to make you happy as a person. Life is full of risks, and you have to try things.

I can sleep better at night having given this a go. This is the kind of job I can get up in the morning, and really look forward to it every day. I also teach art classes, so that helps supplement my income. It is a balance that I stay between the two – teaching and working on my own personal body of work.


SO: Do you think it is easy or harder to concentrate on your art practice as a business in the Okanagan?


AB: I would certainly say that compared to Vancouver, it has been a much more welcoming artist community; in Vancouver it was much harder to crack the scene. Networking at my previous job at Opus was a great way to break into the community, and I was fortunate enough to make connections with people that warmly welcomed me into the community.


SO: How else and where else do you sell your work?


AB: I sell my work at the Penticton Art Gallery, Vernon Art Gallery, Funktional. I used to have an Etsy store, but over the 4 years I was on there I had a lot of attention but never made a sale so that was something I dropped, as I didn’t know how to work it.

I make a lot of sales through word of mouth and facebook by posting on my art page, and even send stuff nationwide as well as some of my facebook fans are outside of the area. I also sell through some Okanagan wineries, and have done other craft sales including Bo.ttega and For the Love of Art at the RCA.


Visit Amy Burkard at Fabulous Finds March 30th & 31st!
To learn more about how Fabulous Finds came to be, read the piece we ran on Fabulous Finds Creator Rio Banner, HERE.


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