Streaming Cafe – 100th Podcast

by Joel Thiessen
I vividly remember one chilly December evening in the darkened depths of the Streaming Cafe production office, a conversation had while hanging out after hours. We were flipping through archives upon archives of videos from previous live SC shows, admiring not only the amazing music we’ve captured but also the artist’s personalities that would shine through between songs. The scientifically tested truth that when you see a song performed live – when you see the passion in the singer’s face and the guitarist doing that solo-twitch-thing – that song means so much more to you. That was a feeling we’ve been successful giving back to our viewers through our YouTube videos…but that little extra hint of personality or insight that would come to light when the artist talked about how much a song means to them, or the time they got a bar full of bikers to sing along with a folk-love song – those were the moments we wanted to show again, we just didn’t know how.

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Two years and 100 podcasts later our videos have been featured numerous times on iTunes and watched in over 21 countries. Strangers walk into the Cafe from the street because they recognized the logo on our door. We have managed to re-live some of those classic Cafe moments and share them with you all once more.

It has been exciting to see who all watches our podcasts, its a different demographic than that of our live shows – which is different than those who watch our YouTube videos – which is different again from our daily coffee shop customers! As different as all those audiences might be, they all share some similar characteristics (aside from having great taste in Live Streaming Indie Music And Delicious Coffees), they all see something cool is happening at the Streaming Cafe and they want to support it. And all of us at the Streaming Cafe are extremely grateful for that support!

If there is a show moment that you want to see again, send us an message and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for watching the Streaming Cafe podcasts. Tell your friends about them.

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