Mad Hatter: Land of Odd


Poster by Jason Negreiff

Poster by Jason Negreiff

An extraordinary art event hosted by the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan is upon us!

Opening night: February 17th 6:30 – 9:30 pm
Cost: $15 general, $10 student
Tickets are available at the door!
You are encouraged to dress up in any odd outfit you can imagine!

Exhibition on view: February 18th – 26th from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cost: Admittance by donation

So what is it about the Land of Odd?
Odd can be defined as deviating from what is ordinary or expected.  It can be strange or peculiar, occasional, incidental or random.

The Land of Odd is a location for the public to experience and engage themselves in art through involvement that is not always possible in a gallery setting. The formal aura surrounding an art gallery can feel intimidating and unnatural, but the Land of Odd enables the community to experience art in a familiar, but altered environment.

There are twenty-one artists participating in this event including one student from Center for Arts and Technology (CATO), nineteen students in the Visual Arts program in Creative and Critical Studies (CCS) at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus (UBCO) and one emerging artist who has recently graduated from UBCO. This group of artists has shown determination by taking on the challenge to generate, share and inspire the community of the Okanagan through their creativity. The challenge given was to employ the viewer, enticing them to participate and to think critically about their experience.

 The artists confront the viewer and encourage them to question their role in society through kinetic sculptures, installation, photography, drawing and performance art. Are we a passive society? Are we responsible for our actions? A viewer may find challenges put forward that question mundane, everyday activities. Some viewers may even be surprised to find out that they have already become a participant in the work just by viewing it.

A visit to the Land of Odd will result in an experience not likely to be forgotten. The Land of Odd is full of playful and inspiring oddities. It is a secure abode for the public to explore the imagination, the movement, the surreal, the possible and even a bit of reality.

This is great for the cultural community in Kelowna! Art has the power to alter perception and encourage positive debate.

Our Opening night: February 17, 2012
Kelsie Balehowsky
Elysse Bujold
Geoffrey Bunting
Gerard Cadger
Ceilidh Evans
Sheena Gibson
Pilar Guinea
Kevin Jesuino
Asher Klassen
MaryAnn Lawrenchuk
Hanss Lujan
Michelle MacKay
Tristan MacKinlay
Molly McChesney
Malcom McCormick
Tanatswa Pfende
Alison Popovich
Cale Shannon
Darren Sim
Shed Simas
Amanda Spearman
Corie Waugh
Nicole Young 
Byron Johnston
Nicole Ensing
Music: Windmills (Cory Myraas)
Food: Chef Michael Lyons
A two-time Gold Medal Plates winner (akin to winning an Academy Award twice), this chef is also currently in the production of the Food Network’s next big series, Chef-Off!
 Don’t miss this extraordinary event!!
I encourage the public to attend the opening night or visit during the exhibition during the week.
Arrive, explore and reflect upon their encounters within the oddities of the Land of Odd.
For more information!!visit: artsco.caemail: 

Nicole Ensing, B.F.A.
Photographer / Artist
Director, Arts Council of the Central Okanagan


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