Local Musicians Create New SONGS for Global Music Fest & Local Non-Profits

by Ryan Donn

Six local songwriters have banded together to support local non-profits. They have each written a song for their selected local non-profit organization.
Its all part of this years rendition of Global Music Fest (http://www.globalcitizenkelowna.org/events/global-music-fest/). Part of Global Citizen Week the music festival will be showcasing local talent, locally based non-profits and a few headlining acts. This years headliners are Andrew Allen (Feb 24th) and N. America’s pre-eminant Bhangra band Enkarma (Feb 25th).

To add a unique flair to promoting our local non-profits six songwriters agreed to compose songs based on six globally minded locally based non-profits.
The hope is to draw attention to our amazing local talent in our community while also shedding some light on some amazing initiatives.

Take some time to glance at the videos but definitely come back again later today or this week when you have 30 minutes to watch each video.
This first video is all 6 videos in a playlist. If you want this will play all the songs without you needing to start and stop the videos.


Individual songs/songwriters:

Brent Tyler “Imagine Life” written for Imagine Thailand www.imaginethailand.org

Dan Oig “Your Mothers Child” written for the Kelowna Zambia Partnership. www.videa.ca

For the next week the songwriters will also be aiming to get as many views to their videos as possible. The top three highest viewed videos by Feb 22nd at 5pm will receive one of the following prizes.
1st place: $2000 of recording from Music City Studio’s
2nd place: $1000 of recording from BiG audio productions.
3rd place: $500 of rehearsal time at Music City Studios.

Every songwriter will also be performing at Global Music Fest.

Jeff Piattelli “GROW” for Project Grow http://www.ubc.ca/okanagan/projectgrow/

Leah West “The Miracle is You” written for Partners in the Horn of Africa http://partnersinthehorn.org/

Mark Irving “Lift them up” for Hope for the Nations www.hopeforthenations.com

Windborn “Same Sun” for OK to Say www.oktosay.ca

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