*Chef David Colombe* Bringing the gourmet goods to your house.

       My love for food has introduced me to many really wonderfully, passionate people in the ‘foodie’ community of the North Okanagan. Because of my love of supporting local businesses and farmers, I have had the chance to collaborate on a few projects with a very talented and successful Chef by the name of David Colombe. 

   Hailing from Chicago, Dave discovered his culinary passion while working at the LaGrange Bakeshop just outside of Chicago, leading him to the prestigious Culinary School at Okanagan College.  From there, he tantalized many local taste buds at the renowned RauDZ Regional Table, Predator Ridge Golf Course and Sparkling Hill Wellness Resort. 


With a passion for local ingredients and sustainable fare, he is a food advocate like me! Striving to find new ways to get our little community excited about local food. 

David has helped to spearhead such programs as Community Kitchens, Teen Kitchens, Community Gardens and Crannog’s 100 ft. Feast.  He is the self-published author of “Colombe’s Cooking in Your Kitchen,” an invaluable collection of his signature creations.


For less than the cost of a dinner out for four, and light years above in quality and standard, Chef Dave will plan a menu with you, come to your home with all the necessary ingredients, cook you dinner and clean up after! As a personal chef, Dave is able to really cater to his clients needs and wants. Letting them feel a part of such an elegant, unique feasting experience without, having to prepare it themselves 


Check out  www.colombescooking.com for more information about Chef David and his passion for cooking. 

A special thanks to Melina Moore for providing her ‘flare’ to this post. 

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  1. Gaetane Shirley says:

    David Colombe used to be the chef at Table 24 in Salmon arm, I’m trying to find out where he is now? He is one of the best chefs we’ve had the pleasure to eat his food.

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