An Inside Look at the New Library Building in Vernon

by Maureen Curry, Vernon Branch Head Librarian

Maureen Curry - Head Librarian Vernon Branch


I was finally able to get back on the new site last week, and I can report that the interior is quickly taking shape.  The walls are up, most of the windows have been installed, and the ductwork and electrical wiring are nearing completion. Not exactly pretty yet, but all part of the big picture!

The long tube that carries warm air from the outside generator into the building – a necessity during winter construction.

The windows on the east side of the multi-purpose room.  Blinds will be installed for privacy and light control.

On the second floor now, looking up to the ceiling, where the underside of the roof decking is being painted a beige colour, in contrast to the un-painted silver.

The computer lab – it’s hard to appreciate the size of this space, but the natural light from the windows (facing east) will be nice. Blinds will reduce glare on the computer monitor screens.

The hanging wires for the suspended lighting system make quite an artistic image, I think!

In preparation for the exterior finishes, the coverings and tarps make the building look particularly colourful!

Architectural Rendering of what the finished building will look like


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