Red Tuque is a Canadian Treasure for Self-Publishers!


At an Open House for Red Tuque in December, celebrating its second year in business, owner Dave Korinetz explained a bit of what he does in this relatively new venture. Red Tuque was named to give it a Canadian flair and Dave has developed a unique and fresh approach to help authors, which includes himself!

There are win-win aspects to what Dave offers and this concept is something that self-publishers and writers really should look into. You can go to his website: to learn more!

Dave is an author, with several fiction books, that are part of a series that he has self-published ~ Fire Drakes, Sorceress and Halfling. Through his search to distribute his own books he discovered how there are strength in numbers and advantages of being connected. He offers many services to authors and self-publishers, such as listing accepted books on his website and magazine. The magazine is circulated through libraries, outlets and individuals across Canada.

When you go to Red Tuque’s website, the opening statement is: “Red Tuque Books Inc. provides highly entertaining and informative literature by catering to independent book sellers and library services across Canada.”

Here is information regarding libraries that you might not know about:
Public Lending Right Commission
Did you know Canadian authors can get paid for their books being in libraries?

In 2010 the total amount paid out was just under $10,000,000.00, and the service is entirely free to authors.

Payments are sent out every February, and the registration period runs from February 15th to May 1st.

Some types of books do no not qualify, so you will have to check their guidelines. For more information go to:”

The following is a testimonial from one author, Ted Kuntz, M.Ed, who wrote ‘Peace Begins With Me’. Ted distributes some of his books through Dave and Red Tuque Books.

“Dave is a valuable resource for self-publishers. He helps an author to access markets beyond their network with his own network of business connections and with the beautiful catalogue he produces.

Unlike some services for self-publishers that seem to take advantoage of the eagerness and naivety of authors, David’s services are very affordable. I also appreciate the regularlity of the reports that Dave produces to outline his efforts on the author’s behalf.”

Red Tuque and Dave’s sharing approach to distribution is worth looking into. He is also a good person to talk to if you are just thinking of writing your first book and would like some guidance. He has some experience and enthusiasm to share!

Dave has his own series of books that he has learned a lot about. This information can help others!
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