Mikkal Waters & Freakquency Events! Bringin’ more to the Floor! …dance floor that is.




In Vernon, the six degrees of seperation normally affiliated with knowing people, is shrunk considerably to about one…maybe 2 degrees! I think it is safe to say its easy to know somebody who knows everybody and working at the Bean Scene downtown Vernon, makes it even more likely to know folks!

I first saw Mikkal Waters and his family there. Seemed friendly, likes coffee, enough said. It wasn’t until Facebook suggested we be ‘friends’ that I found out Mikkal was a musician and promoter.

This guy has his finger on a pulse for sure!

I gave Mikkal a shout and got some of his thoughts and philosophies on music, festivals and community to share with everyone.

Growing up in rural Manitoba, Mikkal found himself writing a lot of poetry and even started singing in a band. Music has been a huge part of Mikkal’s life for sometime now, though it wasn’t until he came to BC that it all fell into place.

The mystical magic of Sombrio Beach on Vancouver Island and picking up the guitar there is when the lights went on for Mikkal  With scores of writing to work with and the new found love of the guitar, songs just started pouring out! This past summer, Mikkal,  his family and his friends started working on a little recording space. Made from love,  scrap wood and recycled windows, this has given Mikkal a place to focus himself within and soon…some recordings.

‘I’ve told people I’m putting out recordings in 2012 and I’m sticking to it!’ says Mikkal. Promoting one’s passion is always easier said than done!

Hosting house parties and going to festivals has been enriching for Mikkal, but now he wants to take it a step farther. That’s where Freakquency Events comes in. Mikkal wants to keep the musical passion alive here in Vernon so he started Freakquency Events to promote what he loves.

‘Everyone I know,  pretty much,  is through music! Over the years, dance parties and music festivals, have been a huge avenue for creating community for me. I want to keep that spirit alive.’


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