Hanson much more than just Mmmbop

by Ryan Donn

Hanson interview:

I had a moment to catch up with Isaac from the Hansons last week to talk about their performance at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Jan 24th.

Audio highlights:

1:39 This is their first truly extensive Canadian tour.
5:00 Isaac talks about the transition to going independent in 2003.
5:45 Bad Christmas sweater choices.
11:00 Walk a mile barefoot. Have you done it? They have. Find out why.

Hanson plays twice in the Okanagan:

Jan 247:30 -11:00 HANSON – &;Shout It Out&; World Tour
Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna BC
Jan 258:00 -11:00 Hanson at the Cleland Theatre
Cleland Theatre , Penticton

Here’s a photo of the Hanson boys in their ugly sweaters:

Photo: Contributed – Hanson


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  1. Andrea says:

    Thanks for posting the interview!

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