Artist Performance Duo – The Lungpipes

Born into the civil rights movements of the early 1980’s “The Lungpipes” are a musical duo who have always challenged the odds. Although they have achieved almost no popularity during their lengthy history as a band this unconventional team of social misfits continue to tirelessly produce a heavy sound unlike anything ever heard before. Surprisingly, the band is composed of only two members, Terri Panther and Toni Shield, who record all their music in Terri’s parents suburban Kelowna basement. These two band mates are widely renowned not only for their musical chops but also for their dedication to wood craftsmanship and have been slowly building a boat in Terri’s garage for the past three summers.  The two Okanagan bad boys debuted their hit single “Pipe Parade” on the Simon Fraser University Radio Station in early 2008 and were scheduled to open for Canadian musical sensation Yukon Blonde in 2010 but failed to attend what would have been their first, and undoubtedly spectacular, live performance. Furthermore, The Lungpipes support Kelowna’s occupy movement.


The Lungpipes is a project created by Kelowna based artists Lance Lindblom and Chat Pratch.

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