Writings from the Wall – Endrene Shepherd – Coming Home

My transition back to Penticton after living in Vernon for two years has been an interesting one. It is not the same city that I left. Penticton can be a challenging place to live; overwhelmed with tourists, athletes and those in search of the best wine in the summer time to long over-cast winters where those who can leave, do reducing the population significantly. Tourism can have damaging effects on the core of communities; so much emphasis on one part of the year leaves little opportunity for those who stay the winter months, hanging on only to be bulldozed through the next tourist season. Communities that are able to build year round culture will be stronger through economic and political upheaval as a strong city-made culture will continue to draw visitors and transients for what it is, rather than suffering the cost of importing a Disneyland during peak seasons.


So what has changed? People who either grew up here and left to go to school or went to live in other countries, as well as those that frequented the valley during the summer months as children, are now in their mid 30s and returning or settling in the area to start families and grow businesses. They are infusing the community with new ideas and are ready to commit to projects. The Penticton arts community has benefitted and people are noticing.


Golo artist Endrene Shepherd writes “the young arts community embraces its own with a kind of fresh passion and enthusiasm that is remarkably stimulating. Right now, Penticton is a great place to be an artist, or a patron of the arts.”Endrené Shepherd (b. 1979), was born in Vancouver, raised in Kaleden and left upon graduating high-school. In 2004 she graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree  and went onto to explore and adventure. She has recently returned to the area and now lives in Penticton.

The bulk of Endrene’s work is at once both interpretive and representational. The engaging images and rich textures that leap out at the viewer from Endrené’s work are the products of both imagination and real encounters. Endrené employs a variety of techniques, frequently collaging on a canvas as a starting point, and allowing the images that are revealed in the process to guide her further. Although she works primarily in acrylics, she is also an accomplished muralist, draughtsman, and watercolourist.

You can find Endrene’s work at The Golo Art Project until the end of December. The painting “Forest Wedding” can be found on the West side of the Penticton Art Gallery.

For the month of December The Golo Art Project will be extending shopping hours to Mon-Thurs 11-5, Fridays continue as usual 10-8, Saturdays 11-5 and don’t miss the last chance to find us at the Penticton Lakeside Resort for their Community Christmas Markets: Sunday Dec 18 from 12-4. We are participating in the Downtown Penticton Shop, Stamp & Win starting November 28th. Select items at Golo are up for Silent Auction starting November 24th until December 17th.

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