Terroir: Charting Boundaries at the Penticton Art Gallery


oook contributor Johann Wessels recently stopped by the Penticton Art Gallery to see the current exhibitions.


The title is “Terroir: Charting Boundaries” and its the work of five Okanagan artists (Jim Kalnin, Patricia Kushner and James Postill, Carol Hermesh and Allison Howard) who are sharing their versions of what they have found and what they have become, like vines grown in the Okanagan soil. Very specific flavoursĀ  each have.

This is not a tranquilizing blur of pretty pictures to match trendy wall paper, rather a jauntily jarring counterpoint of visions which contrast each other very energetically. The exhibition is a rich experience that varies from unsettling fetish photographs to painted surfaces that seduce you into thinking it might be a photograph. In between there are more traditional approaches to paint and photography, but you still aren’t allowed to be lulled into any kind of comfortable stroll as the works seem to reference each other in clever and uncanny ways. The gallery has regained its teeth after pondering the mysteries of the recent Nick Bantock exhibition.

This exhibition shows the remarkable variety of intelligent artists who are growing in the Okanagan. None of them are taking the mellow approach or softening with age , rather they remind you of what is to be found locally, there is something vital and thrilling right here!

The show runs til January 15th 2012 in the Penticton Art Gallery.

While you are there, take a look at the “Small Wonder : Under $300”

An exhibition which is the work of other local artists who have put up work for sale, all below the magical mark of $300. The walls are packed with interesting works and all for sale, a wonderful way to enlarge your collection of fine art or simply buy a very unique Christmas gift. This runs until the 24th of December 2011. Highly recommended!

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