LMFAO Bring the Party to Vernon


Redfoo and Sky Blu of LMFAO are about to start the party in Vernon when play the Rock House Thursday, Dec. 22.

Get ready to wiggle when party rock band LMFAO is in the house.

Yes, the American electro dance band is making its way to Vernon on its current North American tour, and plays local night club The Rockhouse Thursday, Dec. 22.

Flipside Entertainment, which is presenting LMFAO in Vernon and recently held the Fright Night DJ event at the Wesbild Centre, announced the concert today,with pre-sale tickets already selling out. However, the next block of tickets go on sale Saturday at noon, said Justin Pandos, with Flipside Entertainment.

This year, the entire world has been shuffling to LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem. So far, the unstoppable track from the Los Angeles-based duo has topped iTunes charts in seven countries, and spent weeks atop the English pop charts in April and May, when the duo kept artists such as Chris Brown and Jennifer Lopez​ from reaching the number one slot across the pond. As further testament to the global love for the song, the vibrant music video passed 20 million views on Vevo in under two months

Party Rock Anthem (featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock) is just the opening round of Redfoo and Sky Blu’s forthcoming full-length album, Sorry For Party Rocking.

Sorry for Party Rocking is a party person’s excuse for having fun,” said Redfoo, LMFAO’s member known for his gravity-defying afro, in a press release.

“It’s the excuse you give when someone complains. Let’s say your parents say ‘stop shuffling upstairs you’re waking me up!’ You can now just say ‘Sorry for party rocking, Mom, sorry for having fun.’”

Redfoo’s nephew, Sky Blu, echoes the sentiment, minus the apology. “We rock the party and lead by example.”

The duo is without question having fun in 2011, celebrating their successes by partying to the seriously infectious dance songs they have created, which prove as irresistible to radio as they do to DJs in clubs worldwide.

“We make all kinds of records, and we’re serious about what we do,” said Sky Blu.

According to Redfoo, the duo are more than dance/pop music creators, they are scientific spinsters of a carefully crafted soundtrack for a new generation of global party people. With LMFAO’s debut and Grammy nominated full-length record, 2009’s Party Rock, Redfoo showcased a new breed of music that now appeals to radio programmers worldwide.

“We’re music designers,” said Redfoo, who is the son of Motown legend Berry Gordy​.

“If music is a way to communicate with people, we’re almost like scientists. Some people make software applications. Drama movie writers write a story that can make you cry. We’re designing something for use in the clubs for DJs and we know exactly what we built it for.”

Sky Blu agrees with his cohort, adding that the group boasts skills only hinted at so far in their career, which began in earnest five years ago after their now club staple anthem I’m In Miami, Bitch bubbled up from the underground club scene and caught the attention of Interscope Records​ via the Black Eyed Peas​’ will.i.am (Redfoo and will.i.am are childhood friends, and Foo produced the Pea’s first demo in his home studio!)

But no one can say LMFAO’s success was accidental. Both men have been driven for years, and passionate about music since their early teens.

Prior to a set at Las Vegas’ Surrender nightclub (Blu holds down a monthly DJ residency at the Wynn, while Redfoo is a monthly resident at Marquee Las Vegas inside the new Cosmopolitan), Sky said, “I’m a real DJ. But I’m also a rapper. I grew up listening to Tupac, Mos Def​ and Eminem.”

To that end, Foo and Sky have created an entire record of rap-infused party rock anthems for their forthcoming Insterscope album, which will likely ignite dance floors from Sydney to Stockholm and all points between come summer.

LMFAO take the stage at Vernon’s Rockhouse Dec. 22. Special guests are to be announced. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Tickets range from $30 to $40 (plus service charges) and go on sale Saturday at noon at www.clubzone.com, the Downtown Internet Lounge and Dunas Skate and Snow in Vernon, as well as Hemp City and Your Gym Bag in Kelowna. (General admission/19-plus only.)

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