writings from the wall – taltal levi – the red fox story teller

Story telling is a way for cultures to share and pass on traditions to each other; it binds people through a common verbal history. Story telling is also a way for different cultures to experience each other. Visual storytelling, like illustration, can bridge gaps where either the lack of a shared language exists or where language fails to communicate. The delicate, precise and mystical work of Golo Art Project artist Taltal Levi does just that; her work reaches beyond boundaries, tells a story and communicates what words cannot.

Taltal Levi moved to Canada from Israel two years ago with her family and settled in Penticton six months ago. 20 year old Taltal was educated in the Waldorf school system in Israel. Waldorf education puts a big emphasis on creativity and individuality; it introduces children to many types of visual arts, drama and music. Taltal is a self-taught illustrator who paints with watercolour and is inspired by fantasy, the golden age style of illustration, and by nature. One of Taltal’s dreams is to become a professional book illustrator through which she can share her passion and inspire children and adults through illustration and storytelling.

For Taltal,  the fox has always been as a symbol of wisdom and power. She finds them enchanting and breath-taking with their beautiful green eyes and red fur. It was in Penticton that Taltal first started drawing foxes. One day while hiking on a hill near her home and feeling gloomy and desperate for inspiration, a fox appeared in front of her. She felt as though he came to tell her something.“When I’m drawing or taking a hike I can feel inspiration coming from the animals and the trees around me, like they are telling me what I should draw next, it’s almost like I have nothing to say about it.” This empowering moment inspired Taltal to immediately return to her drawing desk and this series of mystical fox paintings were born.

Taltal’s involvement with The Golo Art Project and the connections she has made with the other members has made her want to become more serious about her art, and gives her the drive to keep creating and growing as an artist. She finds The Golo Art Project a very rare and beautiful creation for creative people. Check out more of Taltal’s work on Deviant www.taltalevi.deviantart.com

This month we have many exciting opportunities for our members and events going on at the gallery and in the community. We are participating in the Downtown Penticton Shop, Stamp & Win starting November 28th. Select items at Golo are up for Silent Auction starting November 24th until December 17th. Singer/Songwriter Orit Shimoni will be performing at Golo on Saturday November 19th, check oook event listings for more details.

In addition to our regular hours you can also find us at Penticton Lakeside Resort for their annual Community Christmas Markets: Sundays: Nov 13, 20, 27 & Dec 18 from 12-4.
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