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People are by-passing traditional media forms to connect directly with people who share the same interests, passions and values, regardless of where they are from; isolated communities can communicate directly with other isolated communities. Yet the movement of people is still restricted by immigration policy and a passport and visa system that is so outdated that information and materials can now travel easier than people regardless of their cross-border connection established online.

So while we wait for our next artist to be able to come to Canada, his artwork arrived with no problems.

Please join us on Friday November 25th from 6pm – 8:30pm at Valentini’s Cafe for Joan Louis’s first Canadian Exhibition. Joan’s Canadian agent Yako de Arburn will be on hand to discuss his work. Check out oook event listings for more details.

Joan Louis grew up in Trujillo, Peru. Music and art were solid foundations of his cultural upbringing and his paintings draw from this strong North Coast Peruvian influence. As a child his father, who is also an artist, enrolled Joan in art classes and Joan spent many hours observing his father work in the studio.

Joan’s concern is not the precision of the subject he sees rather it is painting the feeling of what he sees. The essence of each painting is the connection between the subject matter and him. When he steps inside the space he is creating on canvas, he wants the viewer to go there with him and to experience the openness of the moment. Joan writes of his painting experience, “Digging deep into a vast pool of feelings I reach out and express on canvas the paradox between reality and dream, embracing the ethereal and the mystery of the unknown.” He expresses with color what he hears in his heart. By manipulating formal devices such as thick and thin paint, line and edge, distortion and rhythmic patterns, Joan creates a feeling that allows color to define form.



All paintings are copy protected and may be printed only through licensed devices. All rights reserved by author Joan Louis. Find more of Joan Louis’ work at www.joanlouis.com

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