Writings from the Wall – Sarah Fahey – Everyday Language

There are moments in here

There are moments in here, calculated distances, black and white photos of a figure, leaned against vintage stools, looking down, roof tops and unmoving heat. Breathless, these moments steal; they steal lifelines and pathways, they beckon, they call, they dream of impossible things. Moments shelter me from otherwise fog encrusted doorways. The truth is the tree is more beautiful without its leaves, black silhouette lean and tender, fierce and vulnerable against an inevitable sky. I dream of wrought iron bed frames and large airy rooms with windows that lead to roof tops and the sea; the house is made of brick, the floors hardwood, the breeze warm, the sun always. Here I dream of rising fog and things lost to the tip of my tongue. These are the moments that are exchanged for real life while I’m not looking. In a past life I played the piano, knocked out notes and chords, wrapped rhythm with sound that changed marble to powder. Sipped and ate scales up and down the table of blacks and whites, the whites turned smouldering brown worn from my finger tips on corners and edges. Soft edges give way to angle; it’s the new thing, the latest thing but moments and real life otherwise, like materials with stains, uncovered paint to grain, loose things and missing pieces.

As artists we are always pulling from everything around us. Words, images, experiences, even textures on a wall. Most of us don’t just paint or just play an instrument. We dance, we sing, we draw and we write. We often spread ourselves thin in pursuit of our many interests. We often follow a path of intuition, doing things and making choices without knowing why. This is how I, Sarah Fahey, ended up in the Writing & Publishing program in Vernon BC. Knowing me as a painter people would say “I didn’t know you write.” I would reply, “I don’t. I mean I forgot that I did, that I do.”

Through the program I was introduced to critical and cultural theory. Suddenly I was given a vocabulary and language for the things I had been thinking and talking about all my life. In response to text from communications classes a poetic and visual response began pouring out. I began incorporating writing into my paintings. This collection of paintings speaks of, the in­fluence of words and language in our daily lives, the hidden life of the writer and the need to express these thoughts in a public forum. This body of work stands in contrast and in protest of prevailing dominant ideologies. Writers that I was introduced to and inspired me throughout the semester include Sina Queyras, Lisa Robertson and Jake Kennedy.

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