Have some thoughts about Public Art? The City of Kelowna Wants to Hear Them.

The City of Kelowna is currently running a survey to get public feedback on their public art program.   So if  you really care about what kind of public art comes to Kelowna, express your opinion. FILL OUT THE SURVEY!   http://www.kelowna.ca/CM/Page3632.aspx        Read More

Daniel Huscroft’s got a new posse & they play TONIGHT

Daniel Huscroft heads to Kelowna mid-week with a new band, Old Yale, and a new song book. Fans of touring guitar player and roots singer Daniel Huscroft are in for a treat this week—a makeover. Before any one gets too excited, his infamously scruffy personal ensemble is here to stay. As he explained in interview between an Egg McMuffin and gas bar negotiations, a lifetime of musical experience has him looking to add a crew to his solo style and he’s found the right... Read More

Penticton Secondary Theatre takes on puppets

Delbert the Dragon (puppeted by Ravel Perez) engages in a sword battle with Prince Robin (Austin Paquette) in the dead forest. One evening, a long time ago, a princess went out to take a walk by herself in the woods… In the case of the Penticton Secondary School’s version of The Frog Prince, “a long time ago” can be switched for coming soon. After months of work and preparation, Pen-Hi Arts Media Entertainment is putting the final touches on its version of the classic... Read More

Writings from the Wall – Sarah Fahey – Everyday Language

There are moments in here There are moments in here, calculated distances, black and white photos of a figure, leaned against vintage stools, looking down, roof tops and unmoving heat. Breathless, these moments steal; they steal lifelines and pathways, they beckon, they call, they dream of impossible things. Moments shelter me from otherwise fog encrusted doorways. The truth is the tree is more beautiful without its leaves, black silhouette lean and tender, fierce and vulnerable... Read More

Local artists Musical collaboration PREMIERES Tomorrow

World premiere of musical collaboration on Chinese culture Appearing in Gold Mountain Dream, (from left) Yu-Chen Wang, media artists Kenneth Newby and Aleksandra Dulic of the Flicker Arts Collaboratory, and Orchid Ensemble members Jonathan Bernard and Lan Tung. Staging of Gold Mountain Dream takes place in Kelowna  What: Gold Mountain Dream Admission: Free When: Tuesday, Nov. 29, 8 p.m. Where: Kelowna Community Theatre, 1375 Water St., Kelowna A musical collaboration two years... Read More

Support Your Local Video Store – the Last Man Standing

It’s Saturday night. “Let’s rent a movie,” you say. Easier said than done. You live far away from the Mission area of Kelowna, and you don’t feel like driving half way across town just to rent a movie. As of early September, the only part of town – including West Kelowna – to rent a movie is in the Mission. Our choices for renting a flick have diminished to a mere two video stores: Rogers Video on Lakeshore and Leo’s Videos on Pandosy. Earlier... Read More

Join Gallery Odin for its 10th anniversary winter show

Falkland artist Rosanna Marmont is one of the new artists joining Gallery Odin for its 10th anniversary winter show. Silver Star may not be Valhalla, but atop one of its mountainous peaks, otherwise known as The Knoll, sits a gallery where artistic warriors have been wielding their finest works for the past 10 years. Gallery Odin is once again celebrating the start of the alpine ski season, and this time they have a good reason to pull out the big spears, make that wine glasses,... Read More

Animator Jeff Chiba Stearns offers a talk and workshop at CATO

  There’s plenty of room for working film animators in the Kelowna job market with some motivation, says Jeff Chiba Stearns. The successful local animator, who grew up in Kelowna and taught for four years at the Centre for Arts and Technology, will be back to give a guest lecture at CATO next week. And while he’s ultimately had to relocate to Vancouver, where’s he’s carved a niche in television commercials, Chiba Stearns sees plenty of opportunity on the horizon... Read More

writings from the wall – joan louis – international communities

People are by-passing traditional media forms to connect directly with people who share the same interests, passions and values, regardless of where they are from; isolated communities can communicate directly with other isolated communities. Yet the movement of people is still restricted by immigration policy and a passport and visa system that is so outdated that information and materials can now travel easier than people regardless of their cross-border connection established... Read More

Jim Kalnin’s new work up at the Kelowna Art Gallery’s YLW satellite space

  Jim Kalnin is an artist based who lives in Oyama. He’s shown all over the valley – the Vernon Art Gallery, Penticton Art Gallery, Headbones Gallery and the Kelowna Art Gallery. He also devotes a lot of his time to the Lake Country Art Gallery, where he was the curator up until this past September. His most recent curatorial effort was the Diversity in Drawing show, co-curated with Vernon artist Destanne Norris, which featured nine Okanagan-based artists, including... Read More