writings from the wall-we have a little secret : frida’s closet

The Golo Art Project has a little secret. At the back of the gallery there is a doorway to another world. A doorway into what Christina Hughes imagines what she might find in Frida Kahlo’s closet. The closet holds a unique collection of hand selected used clothing. Christina has been a purveyor of fine collectibles and clothing most of her life. She has been known to pick out the perfect fitting shoe or dress for her friends and acquaintances. Above the closet door hangs one of the most intriguing portraits of Frida Kahlo I have ever seen, painted by Golo artist Rene Rodriguez, who captured her iconic eyebrows perfectly.

The Frida’s Closet photo shoot is an example of the synergy that happens at the Golo on a regular basis. Golo member, Stacy DC, brought her friend Siobhan Kirby to do a photo shoot in Christina’s clothing. The feature photo includes Golo member Jamie Eberle, who is known around town to create sets, act and direct plays as a member of  The Many Hats Theatre Company. Stacy and Siobhan took the photo shoot down the street to The Elite Restaurant. Elite After 6 is quickly becoming the new nightspot in Penticton for those looking for something a little different. Christina’s vintage collection and the Elite were the perfect fit. Come browse Frida’s Closet during gallery hours: Mon-Thur 1-5, Fri 10-8 & Sat 12-4. Join us for an Opening Gala on Saturday November 5th from 5-9 to welcome our newest members Shannon Breadner, Kristine Shepherd, Shamim Nouri, June Paul & Clint Olsen.

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