writings from the wall – the beginnings of golo

For Farron Lhasa  Golo started as an idea; a verb perhaps: to Golo, to do, to happen. So Farron did; she phoned the landlord of 419 Main St, Penticton the moment she saw a for-rent sign in the window.  Very quickly enough artists gathered together and Golo was born. Things started to happen; a person left a typewriter for her to use which we still use today to make our price tags and business cards; a desk was donated, a ladder, and a curtain for life drawing. The list continues; some things are on temporary loan, others indefinitely, People were contributing to an idea that a physical space was able to manifest into reality, aspace for whomever walked through the doors. Months later when Farron had moved on from running the shop she was pleasantly surprised to find her ideas had stayed true to form. People were talking about Golo as a moving thing … and it was gaining momentum.

Thank you all for your continued support. To see such productivity and excitement generated by the project, to watch it expand and grow every day; with every individual moved, piece of art created, idea shared is flooring. This is what we are capable of as a community; coming together to dream and flourish and expand our horizons as a completely inclusive group. The movement that is golo has surpassed my wildest expectations, and it is through the actions of individuals that it does so continue to blossom. Sarah and those artists now actively involved in the day to day decision making; it is through you that the space has progressed to what it is today. Kudos and salutations, you have worked so hard and come so far. You each add your own unique touches and good feelings to the project and it is evident. Those involved less immediately, thank you. Your support and interest fuel this movement. Those who are not yet involved, stop by, stay a while, dream with us. All- I thank you. I feel privileged to have shared the journey thus far with you.” –Farron

Farron does a wide variety of creative works from painting, drawing, and song writing  to modeling. Her drawings were published in a 2010 issue of Other, a literary magazine out of Vernon. She has modeled for Arise Apparel and most recently for photographer Kate Kennedy. These days you can find Farron finishing up Grade 12 at Okanagan College and as the new weekend receptionist at The Penticton Art Gallery.

Photos of Farron Lhasa by Kate Kennedy
Check out Kate’s Facebook page Moments4Life-Photography

Visit us at 419 Main St., Penticton. Mon-Thur 1-5, Fri 10-8 & Sat 12-4.

Life drawing continues on Mondays at 6:30 pm.

New this month: Stitch & Bitch hosted by Maiya & Christine starting October 5 Wednesdays at 7pm.

Acoustic Jam hosted by JP Tuesdays at 7pm.

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