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The Golo Art Project has been partnering with a number of local businesses to help promote each other and share resources. When we work in this manner, namely partnerships,  we build community. It is hard not to think about the events that are happening around us, like  the Occupy efforts happening around the globe in particular. Considering the present social/economic climate, the Golo Art Project is happening at a very interesting time.  Economies based on sharing create relationships that are harmonious and cooperative rather than competitive.  Cooperation in a business environment allows social and environmental issues to be valued equally to monetary ones. To this end, we are excited and pleased to announce  our new partnership with Perseus Winery. Perseus Winery will host three solo exhibitions a year; a great opportunity for any artist.  The first of these exhibitions  presents the work of Golo artist Gabrielle Villecourt, staring October 28th.

Gabrielle Villecourt was born in Montreal in 1952, and started drawing and painting when she was a teenager. She came to British Columbia in the fall of 1972, making her way to the Okanagan in 1973.  Gabrielle started out like many young people picking fruit in Cawston. She liked it so much in the valley that she stayed. Raising a family took most of her time but she returned to painting on a regular basis in 1999. She has always liked the scenery of the Similkameen Valley, the beauty of the river, the mountains and the dry landscape with the sagebrush. As well as landscapes Gabrielle enjoys doing portraits of people close to her. She mostly works with oil on canvas and taught herself to paint by copying famous paintings. “It is an interesting exercise. I always feel that I connect with the artist when I do this. I had my epiphany when I was able to do an Emily Carr painting, Canoe at Alert Bay.” Gabrielle will be retiring in the next year and hopes to devote more time to painting.

Gabrielle will have her first solo show at Perseus Winery. Join us for an evening of wine and art on Friday Oct 28th from 6:00pm-8:30pm at 134 Lower Bench Road. To learn more contact Candis Davis at candis@perseuswinery.com  or call 250 490 8829.

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