Pop Okanagan SPECIAL FEATURE: Thomas Kjorven

As we count down the days until Pop Okanagan in Kelowna, oook.ca contributor Katie Brennan sat down with 4 local musicians to hear their thoughts on Pop Okanagan and the Okanagan Music Scene and to find out when and where you can see them play during Pop Okanagan. Recently, she met up with Thomas Kjorven to hear what he’s up to and his thoughts on Pop Okanagan. Here’s their conversation.

oook: How is it for you to be an independent musician in Kelowna?
TK: Its been amazing, there is a really great and tight arts community here and all the artist and the venues have been very supportive and encouraging.

oook: Do you tour alot or do you play here quite regularly?
TK: I do “destination” tours, short week long trips to alberta and the coast but I play here in town regularly at a number of restaurants and bars.

oook: What are the available venues like in Kelowna?
TK: There are many different styles verities to the venues here. from nightclubs, bars, coffee shops, to theatre and outdoor festivals. I play at almost all kinds, When I am doing my solo shows I am mainly at restaurants and bars with a mellower atmosphere but I also have a side project with a local MC named Shameless and we play to the more upbeat late night bar and club scene. Personally I think they both are great and bring out such different performances.

oook: What’s your sense of the music scene in Kelowna and in the whole Okanagan
in general?
TK: There are alot of really talented and creative people in the okanagan. I moved here from Vancouver 2 years ago and I was surprised at the number of talented people and local support by the bars and industry professionals. Even the local radio stations have shown me real love and support which is almost unheard of for indie musicians like my self. It was a good move for both me and my music to land here.

oook:What are your thoughts on playing Pop Okanagan?
TK: I am looking forward to it, festivals like these are great because everyone you are playing to are music fans and have come to appreciate the variety show. I am tighting up the loose ends to my show now!

oook: What do you think Pop Okanagan brings to Kelowna?
TK: I think its amazing! its just another example the this cities love and desire to bring in more of the arts. I havent been here long but I can tell this is a city hungry for more of this kind of thing.

oook: What are you working on right now?
TK: I am working on a few different recording projects right now out of studio. a solo EP, and 2 seperate collab albums with Shameless (MC) and Jaclyn Gee (Vocalist) Pretty exited about rapping these up and sharing them.

oook: Where and when will you be playing for Pop Okanagan?
TK: I will be playing Thurs. Oct 13th at The greatful Fed at 11 pm and Fri. Oct. 14th at Fernando’s at 9:00

Here are some links where you can here and watch some of my music. I have the last 2 albums completely free for download off my webpage. enjoy!


Video “A day without you”

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