Papergirl Kelowna is back! If you haven’t heard what the excitement is all about… read on!

The Arts Council of the Central Okanagan is pleased to be co-hosting this fabulous community event! I caught up with Sarah Parsons, a local artist and the driving force behind Papergirl Kelowna.

First, a little background on Papergirl!
Originating in Berlin as a form of retaliation against the ban of street posters and art, Papergirl has become a worldwide event, from Perth, Australia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to New York City, U.S.A and, for the second time, in Kelowna, B.C

The Process:
•    Submit your Art! Your paper/material, drawings, illustration, graphics, photos, t-shirts etc.
•    Art submitted is exhibited for free!
•    Art is distributed to the unsuspecting public by people on bicycles for free!

Where? Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna, B.C.
When? October 15, 2011
Time? 3:00pm – 8:00pm.

NE: Why have you brought Papergirl to Kelowna?

SP: The part of Papergirl that appealed to me was the creation of art to give to others freely. The breaking down of barriers, to make art accessible to all. The thought of someone having an original piece of art who may not be able to afford the purchase.

NE: Where does the art come from?

SP: Art comes from Canada, The States and also, we had some international artists taking part. Individual Artists, Arts Groups and Children have all submitted art to Papergirl Kelowna.
Kelowna has an awe inspiring collective of Artists and Musicians, it is wonderful to see the collaboration and celebration of this talent and passion, given freely to the community through Papergirl.
An important part of Papergirl Kelowna has been the community involvement, especially the large numbers of Children’s art submitted which have included their positive messages of love and hope.

NE: When do you deliver the artwork?

SP: Weather dependent, we plan to deliver the artwork via bicycle the day after the event.

Papergirl delivery day 2010

NE: Will there be music and performances during the event?

SP: Performances will include myself frantically running around and hanging art!! But seriously
There will be an amazing line up of artists/musicians, final details are still being arranged. Please check our facebook page and blogspot for line up announcement
NE: How can artists submit their art?

SP: Please include any or all of the following info, a bio of the artist, website, email, contact info, and message to recipient written on the back of the art work. The more work we receive! The more we can give!

Please send your art pieces flat if possible and well protected to:

The New Moon Gallery,
‘Papergirl Kelowna’,
1B-2525 Dobbin Rd,
Westbank, BC.
V4T 2GI. Canada.


Studio 113, Papergirl Kelowna.
The Rotary Centre For The Arts,
Cawston Ave, Kelowna.
V1Y 621.

Submission Deadline for artwork: October the 7th, 2011.

Be a part of  papergirl! Submit, exhibit, give your art! Support the event and get involved in your community!

For more information on  Papergirl Kelowna please follow the links below!


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