New Art Gallery at Ex Nihilo Winery

New art gallery
Creatio at Ex Nihilo is the newest art gallery in the Okanagan Valley.
Located at Ex Nihilo Vineyards, Creatio is styling itself as a world class boutique art
gallery, with only originals from primarily local Okanagan artists, selected for their
diversity and drama. These artists include Art Gallery Director and West Kelowna artist
Julia Trops, Kelowna artists Tina Aziz-Siddiqui and Josh Ferguson, Penticton artist
Johann Wessels, Salmon Arm artist Erin Foggoa, Lake Country artists June Seed,
Brittany Falk and Sandra Windsor, Minnesota artist Gail Marie Kern, and Tennesee
artist Karen Rudolph.

In keeping with the original philosophy and impact of art on the creation of the winery,
Jeff and Decoa Harder and partners Jay and Twila Paulson wanted to be able to
support local artists. The connection between wine and art in the Okanagan, and the
creation of a formal art gallery at Ex Nihilo seemed natural. Decoa Harder notes that “art
has been a significant element in the journey that has brought us to create Ex Nihilo.
Like wine, we feel art enriches our lives and allows us to slow down and enjoy the finer
things in life. We hope our guests take the time to not only experience our wine, but also
to enjoy some of the talent we have in our art community.” The artworks in the gallery
are truly all one of a kind originals, with none of the artists producing prints from their

Ex Nihilo Vineyards is located at 1525 Camp Road Lake Country and more information
can be found by calling 250-766-5522 or visiting the website or on Facebook

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