Headbones Gallery – new exhibition



Zachari Logan

In the Picture Gallery


Katie Brennan

In the Drawers Gallery


October 7 – November 5, 2011

Opening – Friday, October 7

6700 Old Kamloops Road,Vernon, BC  V1H 1P8

Tel: 250-542-8987

E: info@headbonesgallery.com

W: www.headbonesgallery.com

Hours: Tue-Sat 12-6p

It is hard to resist the appeal of Logan’s large scale, infinitely and beautifully detailed drawings so that once blown over by the largess and gorgeousness – his small, also infinitely detailed pieces draw attention to become equally appealing. Headbones Gallery will present Zachari Logan’s Fable/ous, an exhibition centering around a grand powerful drawing depicting a gentler rendition of a country moment than the usual masculine didactic that could accompany such a large scale. The fine detailing of flora, fauna and human (Zachari is one of the men) gives cause for wonder. Since he often uses his own persona as subject, he has sculpted his body for this purpose so that his Apollonian physique is close to being an art piece in itself.


Zachari Logan, visiting from Saskatoon, will give a walk-through tour and artist’s talk at 8 PM, during the opening reception on Friday, October 07.


Headbones Gallery will also present the work of local artist, Katie Brennan whose impressive scaled works on paper, exhibition titled, Residual Cues, riff off of a different aspect of contemporary life. Based on car logos, these oil wash drawings trace the route of a hand held brush, as wide as the band of a stroke and in doing so transform the familiar into an art icon.


The public is invited to the opening reception for Zachari Logan Fable/ous and Katie Brennan Residual Cues on Friday, October 07 from 6 – 9 PM. The exhibition runs until November 05 at Headbones Gallery, 6700 Old Kamloops Road, Tuesday through Saturday from 12 until 6 PM.

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