Helping current or aspiring musicians make their musical dreams come true is what Michael Pedersen at Music City Studio is all about. As an avid member and enthusiast of the Kelowna music scene, Michael knows first hand the struggles that musicians face while honing their craft and promoting their music.


While Kelowna’s population grows, so does the demand for high quality cultural experiences. With many current and aspiring musicians out there to fill the demand, what can be done to take our music scene to the next level and get a new generation interested in arts and culture?


That’s where Music City Studio comes in. Created under a vision to provide musicians of all ages, abilities and budgets with access to the services they need to fulfill their goals, Music City Studio aims to help push Kelowna’s little city music scene into the big time.


“The whole idea for Music City Studio came about when I was drumming in a local band. We were all so motivated to polish our sound and practice, but it was a real struggle to find a space to jam in. We would inevitably find a tiny room or basement to use for a little while, but when it came time to record our demos, that was a whole other ball park.”


Finding a recording studio that met the young band’s criteria of being both professional and affordable also proved to be a challenge. “We were looking at thousands of dollars just to get a demo recorded. That’s an incredibly large amount of money for anyone, and it frustrated me that so many remarkable musicians weren’t getting a chance to get their sound out there because they couldn’t afford to record a demo.”


Compelled by his love and support of the Kelowna music scene and his training as a Certified Audio Engineer, Michael’s vision came together in the form of Music City Studio.


Professonially designed and built in the summer of 2011, Music City Studio boasts a full recording studio that plays host to rehearsals, recordings, music lessons and training in the Recording Arts.


Offering customers the chance to completely customize their experience, Music City Studio is accessible to all customers, regardless of age, ability and budget. Whether you are an amateur Audio Engineer, a beginner musician, a full fledged band or anything in between, Music City Studio is ready to help you get where you want to be.


“It’s my hope that Music City Studio will be the place that people can rely on when they need any musical services. I truly believe that Kelowna has an amazing opportunity to grow and shape their musical culture into something completely unique and successful. I called the studio ‘Music City’ because I know that potential is out there for us to live up to that name, and I want to help pioneer that.”


Music City Studio invites the public join them on Saturday September 17 from 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm for an evening of appies, drinks and music to celebrate their Grand Opening.


Music City Studio is open for business and is located at #6-1950 Windsor Rd. Call (778) 478-9848 or email to book your FREE 1.5 hour rehearsal slot. Please visit for more information.


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