writings from the wall – from inside the golo art project

We live in a world that informs us what we want, what we talk, what we dip, dive and crave. We reflect back. We push, crack and cave. We crawl, we run. Some swallow and hide. There is no formula here. We are running on empty just the way we have always done it; we are running on gut, on grit. We’ve stopped waiting for the search & rescue. We seek possibility. We seek building blocks. We seek inspiration because inspiration is the fire alarm of creativity. We are flame starters, fire walkers, and trapeze artists; it is inspiration that allows us to fly. Ziplines aside, expanding highways blind us, instruct and inform our path. There is no time line here, no grand finale. As M.I.A said “why does success have to read like the Apple corporation profit line.”

The Golo Art Project is an artist-run art gallery and project room in Penticton. Founded by 17 year old Farron Lhasa in June of 2011 the project has advanced into its next stage of life. We have about 20 artists that pay a monthly fee to show and sell their wares. Artists volunteer time in the gallery each week and gain free access to the project room to create events, workshops and classes.You will find a wide range in styles of paintings, sculptures and photography as well as handcrafted materials from glass blown jewlery to vinyl bracelets for sale. The Golo Art Project is an un-juried space for artists of all ages. We want to encourage people to come and enjoy the space: read, write, draw and paint any time the space is open.

The most common statement I have heard from artists is the desire to share their work with their community and the public. Shared spaces are becoming as scarce as real public spaces, as private enterprises create exclusive environments. The Golo Art Project seeks to inspire, to support, and to create a tiny little space on the edge of reason for those who have a little and together we can have alot.We have received much encouragement and support from our community. People are excited about the idea of this kind of space! Come check out the gallery at 419 Main St. Penticton Mon-Wed 1-5, Thur 1-5, Fri 10-8 & Sat 12-4. Keep your eye out for the Golo Art Bus!

Join us for life drawing classes Mondays at 6:30pm. $10 – bring your own supplies.

Join our Facebook group or post on our new blog at http://goloartproject.wordpress.com. E-mail goloartproject@live.com and receive updates on Life Drawing classes, Games Night, Stitch & Bitch and more to come in the Project Room. Or join me here at oook.ca for my weekly post “writings from the wall” as I introduce a Golo artist each week and intertwine their unhighwaylike path through their community and beyond.

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  1. Fantastic! Penticton is really coming alive and the movement has already begun. Jump on board and take part in the transformation! Thanks to the hard working artists and community members that give of themselves to make it possible.


  2. Fabulous initiative! Its this kind of thing which grows and transforms because its created and tended by people who care. Congratulations!

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